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How To Add Hosts / Sub-Agents in Poppo App

If you are an agency with Poppo application, you can make good money by inviting hosts and more agents to the app. We have explained the process to add hosts and sub agencies on Poppo App.

Add Hosts In Poppo App:

  1. Let your Host send you Poppo ID and Registered Mobile Number.
  2. Open Agency Management from Agency Profile.
  3. Tap on ‘Add’ button under Host.
  4. Enter your Host Poppo ID.
  5. Enter Registered Phone Number of Host Account.
  6. Complete host registration by ‘Add’ button. 
add hosts in poppo

Invite Sub-Agency on Poppo App

  1. Open Agency Management from Agency Profile.
  2. Find ‘Invite’ button under Sub-Agent.
  3. Copy your invitation link.
  4. Share invitation link with sub-agency & Let them register agency through your link.