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Agent Registration

About DoggeChat

DoggeChat is a 1v1 Video calling app, Launched in 2022 and grabbed a huge market in dating apps. Currently, we are hiring Agencies and Female Hosts for DoggeChat App. App offers agency commission up to 33%, as an agent you can boost your commission ratio by recruiting sub-agents under you.

How To Become DoggeChat Agent

For DoggeChat agency registration, first you need to fill-up agent registration form:

  1. Click on Agency Registration Link
  2. Select your region (Country Code)
  3. Your Name
  4. Create Password
  5. Enter Phone Number
  6. Click on the send button to get OTP
  7. Enter OTP in Code Section 
  8. Click on the Bind button.

On next screen click – ‘Sign-Up for Agent Dashboard’ & fill details:

  1. Create Agency Name 
  2. Enter the password & Re-enter the password to confirm
  3. Enter mobile number
  4. Click on the send button to get OTP
  5. Enter OTP in the verification Code 
  6. Click on Sign up to complete agency registration.

DoggeChat Agency DashBoard

Dashboard Login Link: http://agent.doggechatlive.com/#/login

To log in the agency dashboard click on the dashboard link & enter your registered Mobile Number & Password.

  • The Agency dashboard is your agency management centre.
  • You can add hosts & sub-agents from your dashboard.
  • Add bank Details to withdraw payments.
  • Check daily & Weekly work report of your hosts & sub-agencies.

Agency Commission

  1. The commission rate is based on the total weekly salary of all the hostesses of the agency.
  2. Extra bonus for hostesses do not count towards agency commissions.
  3. For example: the salary of all the hostess of the agency this week is 1,000 USD, then the agency commission of the agency this week: 1,000 USD * 15% = 150 USD.

Sub-agent commission

Your total sub-agent commission = your total weekly revenue * your corresponding commission ratio – one of your sub-agents total weekly revenue * his corresponding commission ratio

(You may need to calculate this part more than once depending on how many sub-agents you have)

Extra Bonus

  • Regular hosts automatically pass the audit after registration.
  • The hostess needs to ensure that the total match connection rate is ≥ 60%, otherwise, there will be no extra bonus.
  • Extra bonus for Hostess: Class A and Class B hostess only.

Host Salary

  1. Value of beans: 1,000 Beans = 1 USD.
  2. The hostess will settle the salary only after the level ≥ F, otherwise the salary will not be settled.
  3. The withdrawal amount must be an integer multiple of 10, and the remaining beans will be kept in the wallet.
  4. Matching calls takes ≥ 55 seconds to get beans.

Settlement and payment

  1. The weekly settlement cycle is from 0:00 on Monday to 23:59:59 on Sunday (GMT+8).
  2. We will complete the payment of agency commission and hostess salary by Thursday, and we will notify you in advance if the date changes.
  3. Salary details can be confirmed in the agency dashboard.

How To Add Withdrawal Method

  1. login to your Agency Dashboard
  2. Click on the ‘Add’ button beside settlement on the Dashboard
  3. Select your country and choose any of the withdrawal methods mentioned
  4. Fill up the required details and save.

How To Add Hosts

There are 2 ways to add hosts to your DoggeChat Agency:


  1. Open your agency dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Anchor List’ from the header menu
  3. Copy invitation link & send link to your host
  4. Let them open the invitation link
  5. Let host select region / country
  6. Enter phone number 
  7. Click on send button to get OTP
  8. Enter OTP code and click bind button
  9. From next screen download app
  10. Login with the same number they verified.


  1. Let your Host Download the App & Create an Account with a Mobile number
  2. Get Host ID & Registered phone number
  3. Open your agency dashboard
  4. Click on ‘Anchor List’ from the header menu
  5. Click on Add button
  6. Enter Host ID & Mobile number 
  7. Click OK to add a host to your agency.

How to Add Sub-Agents

  1. Open your Agency dashboard
  2. Click on Anchor List from the header menu
  3. Click on ‘Copy your invite link to agent
  4. Send link to your sub-agent
  5. Let them complete agency registration with your link.