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DoggeChat Host Registration

About DoggeChat

DoggeChat is a 1v1 Video Calling App, launched in 2022. Currently recruiting young and beautiful female hosts from India. Earn money by matching calls and private video calls through Doggechat.

DoggeChat host Registration

There are 2 methods to become a host on Doggechat, you can follow any one of them;

(Method 1):

  1.  Click on Host Registration Link
  2.  Select your Region / Country
  3. Enter your phone Number
  4. Click on the Send button to receive OTP
  5. Enter OTP in Code
  6. Click on the Bind Button
  7. On the next page click Download App
  8. Install & log-in using the same number you verified

(Method 2):

  1. Download DoggeChat from Play Store
  2. Log In with a Mobile number
  3. Enter your Mobile Number & Get Verification Code
  4. Enter the Verification code and click next
  5. Select Female to become a Host (Only girls can apply)
  6. Enter your date of birth to confirm your age (only 18+ girls can join)
  7. Enter your name
  8. Upload a real picture of you
  9. Shot a 15 second video of yourself & click next to upload
  10. After creating your profile successfully, send your ID & registered number to your agency.
  11. You can send us on WhatsApp at +91 8448877709 or fill out the given form.

Host Earning

  1. Value of beans: 1,000 Beans = 1 USD.
  2. The minimum withdrawal is 10 USD
  3. The withdrawal amount must be an integer multiple of 10, and the remaining beans will be kept in the wallet.
  4. Matching calls takes ≥ 55 seconds to get beans.

Extra Bonus

  1. Extra bonus for Hostess: Class A and Class B hostess only.
  2. The hostess needs to ensure that the total match connection rate is ≥ 60%, otherwise, there will be no extra bonus.
  3. Upload high-quality posters (photos of the host herself) and videos (videos of the host herself) when registering;
  4. Ensure a good network connection when the host is working;
  5. The host must show her face during the whole process of Live, and the host herself works;
  6. The host must wear makeup and dress appropriately throughout the whole process of Live;
  7. The whole process of the host Live must be in a bright environment with a clean background;
  8. The host Live is prohibited from lying down, sleeping, or doing other things;
  9. The host is not allowed to reject video calls;
  10. The host is not allowed to cheat to get extra bonus
  11. Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited;
  12. It is forbidden to work on other platforms at the same time;

Settlement & Payment

  1. The weekly settlement cycle is from 0:00 on Monday to 23:59:59 on Sunday (GMT+8).
  2. We will complete the payment by Thursday, and we will notify you in advance if the date changes.

DoggeChat Host Rules

Rules for DoggeChat Hostesses

  1. The hostess needs to pass the interview before she can start working.

  2. The hostess needs to ensure a good internet connection, proper makeup & clothing & background, and talkative.

  3. The hostess is not allowed to register multiple accounts.

  4. Hostesses are not allowed to be younger than 18 years old.

  5. No pornography allowed in public live (including the first 3 minutes of private chat).

Rules for Posters

  1. They should use a photo of themselves.

  2. They should wear makeup or use a photo with beautification.

  3. Their photos should be in high definition and with proper brightness.

  4. Their photos should be with a tidy background.

  5. They should use a half-length photo and dress decently.

Rules for Live

  1. Keep their faces in the box all the time.

  2. They should be in a bright surrounding.

  3. They should wear makeup and dress decently.

  4. They should not lie down or sleep during live streaming.

Rules for Private Calls

  1. The hostess must show her face during the call.

  2. The hostess must actively communicate with the user.

  3. It is not allowed to be sexually active in the first 3 minutes of a private call, and the AI system will automatically monitor it.