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Eastmeeteast Live Streaming App Review

EastMeetEast is a live streaming application, you may already hear about this dating app before this is Asian app which has been out there since a while and it’s for the Asian people to find Asian people. Other people use that like from different race and culture use that widely across the world. As well a while the interesting feature of EastMeetEast is unlike other apps such as; tinder, bumbles & hinge or whatever dating applications. A few use this app’s specific feature which is the live streaming, so it’s like Bigo Live or any of other live streaming apps when you log in the EastMeetEast you will be able to start your streaming room, which is your live broadcasting show. If people will like your stream so they would visit your stream more often and they would go inside and start sending you gifts. the popularity of live streaming room depends on how many people would have liked & visit your profile. 10 to 30 people is an average to watch you talking about yourself or chatting on EastMeetEast.

Live Streaming Feature On Eastmeeteast

Pro members & contracted streamers has the live streaming functions, you can click here and apply to become contracted streamer and then you can start streaming on EastMeetEast. If your broadcast is attractive enough then there’s kind of people join your live streaming and they basically watching listen what you have to say and sometimes like your stream. if you’re a a girl you can earn money through EastMeetEast as it pay its official streamers for streaming on hourly basis. So audience can basically interact with you in comment box and then type some message and you can use a reply or just see comments and if they really like you they can request for call and then you can invite them to the video chatting right away.

The limit is the max three people on video chatting at the same time, the chatting you’ve gotta hit it there’s more people’s gonna join and they can say hello to you. You can choose to either respond or you still interact with the people you used to chat on live streaming. It’s exciting, dynamic and for people who like chatting with multiple people. Your all people can chat together with comments and all the audience can see the conversation. I feel like right now everyone who stay at home and tired of waiting for matchs on other dating platforms, you can use EastMeetEast app live streaming function and check it out. You can also join all the peoples live who are streaming currently and analyze what they’re talking about and how streaming as a girl or guys, if streamer like you then you can invite them to join the chat or you may accept the video call and you can join the conversations.

Communities On Eastmeeteast App

Well the good things I found is that, there’s some chatting communities on EastMeetEast. There’s a certain like fixed amount of like people, who just get used to going to the same live streaming all the time. So they tend to know each other so it’s a pretty solid community I would say, sometimes as you dive into that and you meet someone and then they can know each other and I think it’s a good opportunity for you to introduce yourself and then making friends in such manner.

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Get Paid For Streaming On Eastmeeteast

It has free trials for a week on EastMeetEast, you can basically send in messages and go live, because on other dating apps without a match, you can’t really send a message. basically, the program would depend on your locations to push some of your potential matches to you can wink to them also depend on your recruiter how many streaming hours they allot you in a week. If your match like it they can wink it back and you can send a message to them and then there was a message back to you.

Find Matches On Eastmeeteast

The variety of different Asian cultural people I think this is one huge plus point of this app called EastMeetEast but actually there’s a lot of people who’s not Asian it on the app – there’s a lot of Latino, there’s the opposite a lot of Asian, American or African in general. That’s great because I think it’s a good app and you can basically talk with each other by a live stream or send a message as an immigrant. Start to making new friends on different cultures and if they like the culture you provided when you like the culture they’re talking about or you have some commonalities.

So basically if you are interesting the live stream and then you click here and become official streamer on EastMeetEast and then you can stream, talk to different people and make money at the same time.