Gala Live Agency registration

Gala Live Agency

What Is Gala Live.

Gala live is another live streaming and video calling application with mamboing features and functions. Its pretty new but very effective for fun chats and earning.

Recently Gala live completed 1000 agencies and getting more than 100k active users on daily basis. I would recommend Gala live app for dating and talking to random people from different countries also people who are looking for extra income can make unto $2000 every month.

Gala Live Agency

Become an agency with Gala Live and get commission over the hosts you bring on the app. Please read all details about the Gala Live agency process, registration, policy, earning and payment policy

Gala App Weekly Salary And Commission

Gala Agency weekly earning commission depend on their hosts and sub-agency total earning.

1. Total commission ratio amount on recruited hosts income.
2. (Your commission ration – your sub-agents commission ration) The remaining per cent of total sub-agents earnings shall credit to your account.

Gala Live Agent Registration.

To register as a Gala live agent, “click here” and complete the registration by providing all required information and mobile verification. 

  • After completing verification you will redirect on admin log in page if not click on this link: 
  • Login with your username na password.
  • You can copy and share your hostess invitation link and sub-agency registration link.
  • Also you can check data and insights of your hosts and agency.

Please refer to the process mentioned with pictures to register successfully:

How To Invite Hosts In Your Gala Agency?

You can click on the button ‘Invitation link for hosts’ to copy your personalized link and send it to the girls who are not registered with Gala live.

Hosts need to register with their mobile number, verify the number with OTP and create a password.
After registering through the link they can directly login to the Gala Live app using their phone number.

Please refer to the pictures below:-

How To Add Hosts Manually In Gala Agency?

If any girl using the Gala live app but is not registered under any agency then you can invite them to join your agency. Please refer to the pictures to understand the process:

  • Ask your hosts to verify their mobile number if not done.
  • Hosts can find mobile verification option in Income Page (Profile > Income)
  • To Add hosts open your Gala Agency dashboard click on menu > member list > host list > Add button.
  • Enter host’s User ID and Mobile Number.
  • Your host will get notification in withdrawal page, notification will have accept and reject option, if your host click on accept they will become your host and reflect in your host list.

Gala Live Hosts Policy

Gala live offer hosts to earn money through 1v1 video calling to male users and public live streams. Hosts need to primarily earn gifts to make make money, additionally they can complete tasks and claim daily rewards of unto 275000 beans.

  • Hosts Income Sharing ration
  • Sharing ration is the income ratio hosts receive on the total gift value they receive.
  • Gala Live 10000 Beans value is 1USD.
  • Eg. Suppose if a caller send hosts gift of 100000 coin value and your host’s share ration is 80% then she will get only 80000 coins. (If a caller is new to you they will get 40% discount benefit for first time calling)
  • Hosts share ratio will increase with their experience and rank, the more they use the app the sharing ratio will increase.

Gala Hosts Reward Program

Hosts can earn big amount of beans by completing tasks mentioned in the list.

Sub-Agency Invitation Process In Gala Live

Inviting Subagency is the almost same process as inviting hosts, you will get sub-agents invitation links in the Gala agency dashboard only. Please refer to the picture:

Gala Live Payment & Settlement

Gala live host’s salaries are given to their agencies, Gala agency owners are responsible to transfer the host’s salaries according to their earnings. The total earning of hosts and agency commission of Monday to Sunday get credited automatically on upcoming Tuesday.

Currently Gala live has E-pay and PayPal options as the payment transfer methods.

Hosts or agency weekly income must be more than $10, if not it will add into the upcoming week salary. You need to earn a minimum of $10 to get it transferred.

Gala Agency Policies & Guidelines

Inviting any host already registered under any other agency or joined independently more than a month ago is not acceptable and the agency may face some penalties if caught.

Kindly, make the hosts full payment timely, if any host report against the agency Gala may take serious action against the agency and pay compensation to the host.

Gala Hosts Policy & Guidelines

Once host get registered on the app, they need to complete their profiles to get more audience and reach on the application. please refer to the images below:

Upload Photos: Hosts must upload their beautiful pictures with make up and some additional filters. No nude pictures allowed.

Upload Video: Hosts can upload their video for introduction to the audience who wish to join their calls. It added some extra stars on your profile.

Live stream in bright light and clean ambience, always make sure to show your face within the frame. do not sleep on streams and make darkness. if users do reports or so not spend time on your stream it may affect your suggestion listing and rewards.

  • No nudity on public streams.
  • Having more than one registered accounts.
  • Not Allowed to change agency.
  • Below 18 years old not allowed on app.