India ban more 47 chinese app

Indian Govt bans 47 more Chinese apps in India after 59 apps banned in June.

The biggest news from the technology sector which is coming in from India. India has banned 47 apps again that were operating as clones of the Chinese apps already banned by the government earlier. Despite, the ban of 59 Chinese apps in June, many of their clones continue to remain available in various app stores that are google & IOS. For eg. even though TikTok have been banned but TikTok lite continues to be available on the app stores. Similarly, Bigo Live has banned while bigo lite which is its clone, continue to remain active and was available to download by all.

Why India is Banning Popular Chinese Apps?

The new directive issued on Friday, the Indian Government has banned 47 apps that were using by people as clones of already banned 59 Chinese apps. The full list of expected banned apps will release soon by the government. Well, this is yet another bold move by the Indian government which may affect a large audience of India who was totally depended on Chinese applications for their primary income source. Again these 47 more apps are ban over privacy violation. Another big shock for Chines apps companies is that there are some 250 more applications around the government’s radar including PUBG and Ali Express, which are hugely popular.

Security & Political Reason Behind Ban of Chinese Apps.

Well, it all expected, there is no surprise regarding it. After the 15 June Dalwan Incident. The Indian Government has been forming new policies that cones to investment, coming from Chine and This is the third time the major decision has been taken regarding the Chinese app, as perhaps Chinese investment. It was on 29th of June just a week after the Dalwan Incident, the day when the Indian government announced that are banning 59 apps. And then thereafter, last week Indian Government’s major decision said that “When it comes to public procurement the Chinese will have to face more bureaucratic problems in terms of getting approval from the ministry of external affairs and of course from the home ministry”

This is regarding India’s security and Indian Government clear that they will have to face more scrutiny, where investment face lot of problem, lot of security hurdles and now, of course, the Indian government has banned the clone of these apps, which were initially banned. These include; Tiktok lite, CamScan lite, Bigo lite any many other. This is part of a larger process, we do expect such announcements in coming days and months.

Will Indian Govt Remove Ban From Chinese App?

Well, India and China both are talking and optimistic about de-escalation, but Chinese doesn’t seem serious as their de-escalation process looks like halted when it comes to Fingerfive area, there has been no movement by the Chinese side. Regarding the retaliatory measures by the Chinese side, They have not spoken about the retaliatory impact though they had been concerned about India banning Chinese apps. In fact, they are evoking the World Trade Organization, but by larger China will be a loser in terms of losing a major market. That is something concerning Beijing rather than for New Delhi. Because Delhi has made it clear – for security it can do anything, investment is just a minor part of it.

China Is Loosing its Technology Space.

Chine under Xi Jinping has changed a lot, Xi Jinping doesn’t care about global opinion and continuous to be aggressive. But, the long term China will be facing a problem because it seems that it is the concern of democracy. Just not India All Australia, Japan & USA together solidifying, so it is much more problematic for China whose allies are North Korea and Pakistan. Its is something that doesn’t take it very kindly but so far the world is shifting towards China vs rest. It will be difficult for China and of course, India has started the trend of banning the Chinese app. India is the first country to ban Chinese app and now other countries are following the same as well. China should be worrying about losing its cloud to the technology space, which is, of course, a huge source of revenue for China.

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