Bigo Live Banned Permanently

Bigo Live App Banned Permanently in India

By India Government.

Ye Its true that Bigo live is banned permanently in India with another 58 applications, This order is passed by Indian government on 29 June 2020. No one can use Bigo live application in iPhone, Android or any other smart phone as its permanently removed from the Indian play store and app store and the server is also brought down on 3rd July 2020. The Major Applications which is banned with Bigo are Tiktok, Shareit, Like, UC browser, Kwai, We Chat and many more big applications. They all are completely removed from Indian Digital Platforms.

Why Bigo Live Banned in India?

According to Indian government statement “In last few years many issues and debates has been put up regrading the privacy of the mobile phone users. These issues are dangerous for our national security. From many ministry sources government has collected some cases which clearly reflect that some applications are selling or transferring users data to other country’s server.”
Government believe that this major step will take care of user’s security and maintain the Indian cyber security.

Government has announced that the Bigo Live application is removed from the online application stores with 58 other apps and they all are not available to download but if you already have bigo live application in your phone you can not use it as well, as Internet is necessary for Bigo live to connect with streamers.

Is Bigo a chinese app?

Indian population is still unaware and not believing the Government on the issue of privacy and data security. As bigo live is a Chinese application, Its headquarter is based in Singapore and they have office in almost every country, but Bigo Live is a Chinese app as their operations are process in china, their biggest setup is in Beijing China from where Bigo Live App handled by a local Chinese people team. All marketing, operation, IT, Server everything is based in China only.

What Bigo Hosts Will do after bigo ban in india?

There is no doubt that Bigo Live Was the greatest platform for live streaming in India, It has maximum users, official hosts and agencies in compare to other live streaming platforms available in India. Most Importantly Bigo Live has change life of many people, thousands of people were dependent on bigo live for their income and expenses. Almost every 3rd person was using Bigo Live in cities, Good looking girls and boys chose this platform to gain fame and money.

As said many people were earning money through live streaming, for them this source of income is no more available and they all must be looking for another similar opportunities.

Will Bigo unban in India?

People who were using Bigo Live as an host, recruiter or anyhow dependent on Bigo to generate income, if they are thinking that they can download it from any third party site or get a pirated version of bigo from any source, Let me be very clear for them You can’t run Bigo live anyhow in your phone now. Government of India has ordered the Telecom companies and network providing companies that they will totally cut off the server of BIgo Live App from their network which result in Permanently Ban of Bigo Live.

It is rumored many time before that Bigo Live is about to ban but this time bigo is banned permanently and this is the final decision of the supreme court and government, there is no more hearing on this topic. Also Indian government asked Indian population to delete these applications from their phone as they are no more in use and only occupy space of your memory, as well as its an issue of privacy of your data and personal details. Bigo Live may prove harmful after getting banned in India and same for the other applications.

Bigo Live is claiming that they are in the process of complying with the interim order by the government of India. Bigo live is under the Singapore based bigo technology and they hold upmost priority to the compliance of all local laws as well as the privacy and security of the users. They are working closely to the Indian authorities to get to their services online back.

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