Become Streamer Agent

Inviting Agents For Streaming Apps To Recruit Hosts

We are inviting streamer agents for multiple apps, such as Poppo, Chamet, Niki, Duoo, Wow, and many more. We need agents to provide a support system for streamers, helping them manage their broadcasts and deal with hosting issues. All apps offer generous commissions to their agents. Please fill out the form below to register your own agency.


1. Recruit Hosts

Hire talented streamers for live streaming and video calling app. work globally from your comfort place.

2. Coin Trading

Start coin reselling on live streaming apps. Make good profit by doing coin trading on multiple apps.

3. Commission

Start agency work and recruit streamers and sub-agents. Earn commission from team’s revenue.


Your can join or find agency requirements of multiple apps like: Poppo live, Chamet, Mido, Waka, Matemet, Vone, Fulive, Wow, Niki Live, Duoo, Honeycam Tandoo, Bigo Live, Zeeplive, MiMi, Buzzcast, Tango Uplive, Streamkar, Superlive, Plamfy, etc.

Become Talent Agency

If you are a streamer agent or talent agency and you are interested in establishing your own agency for streamer models and hosts/hostesses, we are here to provide you with the necessary support and guidance to make that happen.