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Livit 17 Contracted Streamer

Through Livit app, you can talk to people around the world and be yourself, bring up your entertainment side and earn money by doing what to do by using your mobile phone. How about getting actually paid for the content you create and the skills you have can literally make you start by becoming a contract streamer with Livit 17.

This article is about what is a contracted streamer with livit 17, how to get livit official hosting and why you should consider livit streaming for being an official streamer? If you are really good at entertainment and streaming we will explain how you can make money with livit app.

Being a contracted streamer are not only get paid for the streaming that hosts do but you will also appear on the hot page section of livit 17 app no matter what talent you got. So, if you are not a contracted streamer with livit app, you are still able to log on to the app and tap on the streaming button to go live as long as your profile is ready. You are obviously able to go live without signing a contract with livit but the problem is your stream won’t appear on the hot page until you have an achievement score of 2000.

Why Is It Important To Be On Hot Page Of Livit Stream App?

The hot page is a section of the app where all of the streams appear that are currently running will show up and the higher you rank on the hot page means that the more interesting, more entertaining and more successful stream you have. So when people come into livit app, they got to see the top streamers first and chances to get more viewers on hot page streams go up before they visit any other streaming. The higher you are ranking on the livit hot page the more chances you are having to getting new users and potential supporters to come into your stream. They can easily follow you, like, comment, share and send gifts. So, if you want to become a successful streamer on livit app then you should get contracted with a livit agency so that you can for sure appear to be on the hot page. rather than putting a lot of efforts and gaining points to be on the hot page just sign a contract and make directly on the hot page of livit.

So you will get paid for your streaming and content you show up and you will be on the hot page by being an official streamer. that’s, not all you can also participate in events as some event are available for all streamers but most of them are only being participated by the livit contract hosts only. If you are a not an official streamer and still receiving gifts that have a link to some event even if you appear in event list you will not get the benefit of that because livit has bonded with other hosts for event benefits and you will also not get paid for the gifts you receive from viewers.

What Is A Streamer Contract With Livit?

Streamers has to sign a contract with livit app which has a lot of terms and conditions mentioned. If you are signing a contract you need to take care of them or else livit may take actions according to the legal terms.
Like all other streaming application an official host has targets to make on livit app too to get paid.

Livit Live Streaming Target & Salary

Contracted hosts need to make a minimum of 30 hours a month. But, would suggest you to make 10 hours stream in a week which is 40 hours a month if you really want to be successful on the livit app. Streamers are allowed to stream as long as they want, the more you stream the more benefits you get.
But the requirements are at least 30 hours in a month. (Minimum 30 minutes consecutive live and maximum 2 hrs live will count in a day officially)

Livit App Payment Process

Once you start streaming you will have users and supporters who will send you gifts. The number of gifts that you receive in a period of the month you will get a percentage value of those gifts in real money. The gifts are purchased by actual money and you get some part of its monetary value as a revenue share. Once you become a contracted streamer you get some extra bonus on achieving some set targets of coins. minimum coins that an official streamer has to achieve is 50k livit coins.

In initial stage you won’t get many gifts as you stream more you gain more followers and supporters who may send you many gifts later-on. So, don’t have high expectation in starting and don’t get discourage just keep focusing on your stream and content and enjoy with people on your broad.

Livit is one of the best apps for streaming and has genuine terms with their streamers, So never miss reading the contract. The livit app will never allow any sexual and abusive content, you some does that they get banned immediately and never recover their account again. Be healthy, entertaining and wealthy with livit app.