How To Live Stream On MeMe Live?

To make money you should have MeMe live app in your phone, you can download it from Google Play/App Store. Install the application and sign-up using your phone number. It is mandatory to verify mobile number to use MeMe Live.

After sign-up/log-in you will redirect to the home page of MeMe live app, where you will see multiple broadcast running in real-time.

There are 5 options at bottom of app home page. You need to select the pink circle button in the middle.

Then give permission to access the microphone and camera of your phone, if require and tap on go live. That’s it!

How To earn Money With MeMe Live?

All users on the application are allowed to steam and receive gifts from the audience. Those gifts are convertible to real money. But, MeMe live App also sign contracts with talented streamers, who get paid for achieving some targets set by MeMe App. Is you are using MeMe live to make money I would suggest you become an official host which almost pay you double the salary than non-contracted hosts.

An official streamer has to do 1-2 hrs streaming every day, the more they stream the more benefits the get. In the meantime, streamers have to ask their followers and fans to send gifts overbroad. Gifts will add on some points in your account according to the number of coins. Remember you need to make both coins and hours in a month or else MeMe Live App won’t pay you.

To become a contracted streamer you need an agency to help with the process.

Competitions Between Streamers

There are multiple competitions running on MeMe Live app, They are purely based on MeMe beans you receive in week or month. You need to know the timings of competition, you can also check your daily and weekly ranking in competitors list and performance. Streamers you stand out in winners requirement, get rewarded in their broadcast.

Check out daily, weekly and overall ranking rewards. MeMe Live App will you send you MeMe beans according to your daily and weekly rank basis within a week as competition get over.

Fans and senders also get the opportunity to win rewards in competitions.

Streamers can make the attractive title of their broad according to competition, Put an attractive DP to attract maximum viewers and broadcast with the best content & full energy to take advantage of competition.

Build Audience In MeMe Live

Use your best talent to showcase and entertain the audience.

Good greeting, good behaviour and best use of features may impress the audience.

Streamers can use a whiteboard to write on the sender’s name, it really makes a good impression.

Build a good connection with fans on MeMe Live App.

Always tell your next broadcast schedule while closing broad.

Always be thankful to the senders and appreciate them. Put big gifts screenshot on your social media and app feeds.

Send a thanks message to big supporters.

MeMe Live App Ban Rules

Purchasing, Sending, Selling and Receiving Fake MeMe beans is strictly not allowed.

Using Fake DP, Other Streamer’s DP, Edited profile picture & celebrities pictures are not allowed. Always use your own DP on MeMe Live App.

Any written or verbally abusive language is not tolerated on any type of stream. Please use your words wisely.

Creating many fake ID’s, Misleading comments, hate comments and harassing any broadcaster may ban you permanently from MeMe Live App & your device could be ban forever.

Under 18 users will get banned immediately on MeMe Live App.

Nudity and pornography content will get ban permanently and the user will never able to recover their account.
Smoking and alcohol drinking on stream will not get appreciated and moderators may take strict actions against streamer.

Promoting any other competitors application on MeMe Live App is not allowed.

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