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Mido 1v1 Video Calling App

Mido App Agency Registration

Mido is a video calling dating app, it provide amazing 1v1 video calling features and experience. Mido is actively hiring agencies who can bring more female hosts / callers on the app. Mido also offer attractive commission ration to its hiring agencies. Please follow the steps below for Mido App Agency Registration.

Mido Agency Registration Process:

  1. Click on Agency Registration Link
  2. Enter Your Phone Number with Country Code.
  3. Click on ‘Send Code‘ to get OTP.
  4. Complete Graphic Verification.
  5. Enter OTP received on phone.
  6. Submit your details.
  7. You will see 8 digit Agent ID on screen.
  8. Copy Agent Code and Share it with Us on WhatsApp +918448877709
    OR Submit given Form.
Note: Agency approval may take upto 24 hours.

How To Login Mido Agency Dashboard

  1. Visit:
  2. Enter Your Registered Mobile No.
  3. Receive OTP by tapping on ‘send code’.
  4. Enter Graphic Verification Code.
  5. Enter OTP received on phone.
  6. Tap sign in to access Mido agency dashboard.

Mido Agency Commission

Host Earning Commission

*The weekly minimum withdraw amount for agency is 150 USD
*5% will be deducted from total commission if we found any
anchor work on muti-accounts; Her account / device will be banned

Sub-Agent Income Commission

*The weekly minimum withdrawal amount from hosts should be 150 USD to withdraw commission from sub-agencies.

Ex. If one of your sub-agency completes $50 in a week, you will get $50*0.05=Extra $2.5 from them.

Mido Host Recruitment Bonus

Agents will get a recruitment bonus for every valid host they add to their agency. This is a one-time payment and the number of valid anchors counts for a week period.

VALID HOST: The girl needs to live ≥14 hours & earn at least $10 in 7 days after she registered in Mido

Agency Salary Calculation

If your own agency made $2000 & your sub-agency made $1000 & you also provided us 15 valid girls this week. The arithmetic of this condition will be: $2000*20%+$1000*15%+ 15*$3=$595

Mido Agent Rules

Mido Agency should be responsible for the anchor’s behaviour, before you join Mido, make sure all of your girls know about the basic requirement of Mido anchors, once break the rules, we will ban the account, and no settlement will be made, meanwhile, there will be punishment for the agency as well.

  1. Punishment for the agency as well.
  2. One account for one Anchor.
  3. The offline transaction is FORBIDDEN.
  4. Anchors are not allowed to give personal contacts to users anyway.
  5. The anchor should initiate communication with callers and they can’t ignore the callers.
  6. Anchors should use a quiet and decent place to live, no pets and kids are allowed on screen.