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Mido Host Registration

WhatsApp +917065384660 OR fill the given Registration Form.

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Unlocking Earning Potential on Mido

Discover various ways to earn money on the Mido App:

  1. Host Salary: Earn through private calls and gifts received.
    • Private Call: 35 coins per minute
    • Match Call: 5 coins per session
  2. Coins (Gifts): Receive coins through tasks and gifts.
    • Task (coins) + Gift (coins): Task coins & gift coins will be sent to your Coin wallet.
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Settlement & Payment Guidelines

Ensure your weekly coins exceed 3500 to qualify for payment. If not, your earnings will roll over to the next week. Your income is based on your weekly total private call duration. Achieve higher durations for increased income.

Keys to Maximize Earnings on Mido

Follow these tips to enhance your user interactions and boost earnings:

  • Put on make-up and use beauty filters for a better impression.
  • Go live in a well-lit, tidy, and quiet environment.
  • Welcome users warmly with a smile

Mido Host Payment Policy

  • Weekly salary payment on Tuesday.
  • Cut-off day every Monday (00:00 OTC).
  • Receive all salaries within 2 days (may delay due to holidays).
  • Payment options: Payeer, Local bank & UPI.

By following these steps and tips, you can optimize your Mido host experience, attract more users, and maximize your earnings. Join Mido and LH Agency today to embark on your journey as a successful Mido host.

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