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Mido Host Registration

  • Download Mido App
  • Open Mido and Create profile (Only Female Hosts).
  • Upload Real Photo & Video for verification.
  • Complete Your Profile.
  • Find your profile ID & Invite Code in Profile Settings.

Share your ID & Invite Code with Us on WhatsApp +918448877709 OR fill the given Registration Form.

Mido Host Registration
become mido host

Mido Host Earning

Mido is a free target app, Hosts can earn money by just spending time on video calls. There is multiple ways to earn money on Mido App:

Host Salary = Video Call + Gifts

mido host salary

Video Call

Private calls + Matches 
( Private calls & matches will be sent to your wallet in coins

Match Call is 5 coins per time

Private Call is 35 coins per minute

Coin (Gifts)

Task (coins) + Gift (coins)
(Task coins & gift coins will be sent to your Coin wallet).

Settlement & Payment

  • Make sure your weekly coins ≥ 3500, otherwise you will not get paid for the week. But do not worry, your coins will be kept to the next week.
  • To reach higher weekly private call duration, to earn higher income. Your income is based on your weekly total private call duration. Different weekly private call duration will be provided with different coins ratio.
  • Ex: On Monday 00:00(UTC+8), if you complete 1100 mins private call duration, your coins ratio will be 200 coins=1 USD, and if you earned 40000 coins then your income will be 40000/200=200 USD.

Keys To Earn More On Mido

  • Put on make-up, use beauty filters for a better impression on users & wear attractive clothes.
  • Go live in a bright place with tidy & quiet surroundings.
  • Always welcome users sweetly with a smile.

Mido Host Payemnt Policy

  • Weekly salary payment (On Tuesday)
  • The Cut-off Day is on every Monday(00:00 OTC).
  • You will receive ALL salaries in 2 days. (It may delay due to holidays)
  • Payment Option: Payeer, Local bank & UPI.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist