Poppo Basic Salary Hosting

Poppo is a fastest-growing live streaming application and recruiting streamers globally. Talented and beautiful hosts are eligible for weekly basic payment. Hosts can’t directly apply for basic paid hosting, your agent will process your application for a basic salary. Please download Poppo Live and create an account right now to get a basic salary.

Poppo Basic Pay Host Registration

  • Download Poppo Live App
  • Create an account on Poppo App. 
  • Click on ‘My Agent’ from Profile Options.
  • Enter Agent ID ‘263506’ & Apply To Join The Agency.

How To Apply Poppo Basic Pay

Hosts need to provide an audition video that must match any one requirement mentioned below:

  • Minimum 1-minute video of self-introduction which reflect your clear communication and audience engagement skills.
  • Minimum 1-minute video of talent showcase such as; dancing, singing, rapping, etc.

You can share your application directly on WhatsApp at +917065384660 or Submit the form below our team will contact you ASAP.

Poppo Basic Salary Policy

  • Hosts have to complete 4 hours of stream per day (a maximum of 6 hours a day will count in target)
  • Hosts need to complete 6 days per week
  • The basic salary will be 40 USD per week
  • Host total income will be: 40 USD + 70% gift sharing + ranking rewards


  • Hosts should cooperate with the Poppo requirements and follow the regulations without violating any time. 
  • Poppo will pay a fixed salary to selected hosts after passing the audition to support them at early stage.
  • Hosts have to achieve weekly streaming hours and days target rather than achieve daily tasks.
  • Open party will not count in the target live duration.


  • Hosts should use qualified good quality live broadcast cover, avatar and nickname
  • Host shall use makeup and maintain the required distance from the camera for a better combination of self-portrait and background.
  • Use sufficient light for a bright broadcast.
  • Play some background music.
  • Keep interacting with the audience.


  • Broadcasting time starts counting from 00:00:00 UTC+8 every Monday
  • Hosts will salary points will add to their account before 23:59:59 UTC+8 on Monday after the anchor start broadcasting
  • If hosts miss any of the weekly requirements, they won’t get paid for the week
  • If the host breaks any poppo live rules or violates any policy, the basic payment policy will be terminated immediately.