Poppo Live App Agency

About Poppo Live Agency

Poppo Live Agencies are freelance workers who work as host recruiters for Poppo Live App. Agencies on Poppo are freelancers and not bound by any work hours or targets, they can work flexibly from anywhere and anytime. The only work of Poppo live agency is to hire live streamers through any source, except hosts already working on Poppo App under any other agency. Poppo App also allows its agents to hire sub-agents which helps agencies to boost their commission ratio and very attractive commission from sub-agents also. As an Agency on Poppo you do not require a registered company – you can be an individual, team or organisation for being a Poppo Live Agency.

Who Can Become Poppo Agent?

Poppo App has an easy registration process for agents, which is available in almost every country. To become a Poppo agent you need to have at least 10 streamers, you can start with a few hosts but make sure to keep 10 active streamers in your agency from the second month of becoming a Poppo agent. Your hosts can be from any country as Poppo allow its streamer to withdraw their money by themselves. Your Hosts can be Male or Female and must be attractive, talkative or talented to entertain the live audiences and pull out gifts from viewers. If you can source and recruit such hosts then you are welcome to become Poppo Agent anytime.

Poppo Agency Benefits

  • Commission

    Agencies on Poppo application make a profit in form of a commission, Poppo agencies get a commission from the earnings of their hosts and sub-agents. The more your host earns the more agency commission percent will increase, Poppo app offers a commission from 4% to 20% which comes in form of points in Poppo app wallet, that can be withdrawn anytime after reaching $10. After becoming Poppo Agency you can check your hosts and sub-agency's performance from the dashboard and insights help agencies to push and support your hosts.

  • Coin Trading

    All Poppo agency get the option of coin trading, where agencies can purchase coins at a cheaper rate than other users get. Agencies can use their earning points for coin exchange or they can pay money by using their bank card or Epay wallet to purchase coins. Poppo agency can sell those coins and send them to any other account without wasting any service cut.

  • Official Hosting

    Unlike many other streaming apps all agencies on Poppo app also become an official hosts through their agency accounts. Poppo agency can live stream and get benefits like host also and earn commission over their own gift receiving. 

Poppo Coin Selling
how to become an agent on poppo

How To Become An Agent On Poppo

Poppo has a very simple and easy process to become an agent on Poppo. All you need is a poppo account (not a host accont), it can be a fresh account also and an agency registration link. To become an agent on poppo you do not require any verification, interview or paperwork. It’s all done by the system and the whole process takes a maximum of 5 minutes and upto 2 hours to get agency options in your Poppo account. 

Once your account gets verified as an agency you get 3 additional options in your profile: 1. Agency, 2. Add Host & 3. Coin Trading.

Poppo Agency Registration

Please follow the Poppo agency registration steps to become an agent.

  1. Download Poppo App (You can download the app using this link: https://h5-global.v.show/
  2. Create an Account on Poppo App
  3. Open Poppo agency registration page: https://h5-global.v.agency/
  4. Enter your Poppo ID (Find your poppo ID in your App Profile)
  5. Tap on ‘get’ to receive the Verification Code in your Poppo App Messages
  6. Enter the verification code and click the ‘Submit’ button.

After completing the registration steps just wait for a few hours you will get agency options in your profile, which indicates that you successfully registered as an agency. 

How To Become An Agent On Poppo

Salary of Poppo Live Agency

  • Poppo pays their hosts and agencies with their in-app digital currency called Points, Poppo Points withdrawal rate is 10000 points = 1 USD.
  • The salary of Poppo Live Agency is the commission that they receive from the work of their Hosts and sub-agents. All Poppo live agency has a different commission percent rate, which is determined by the total revenue made by hosts and sub-agents in the past 30 days. This commission ratio starts with 4% and goes up to 20%, the more revenue your agency generates the more commission percent you get.
  • Formula to calculate Poppo live agency salary: (Host Earning x Agency Commission Rate) + Sub Agency Host Earning x (Agency Commission Rate – Sub Agent Commission Rate)
  • Whenever your agency host or sub-agency host receives any gift, your commission will immediately in your earning points.
  • Agency will only get commission over gifts received in live streams, party, call and chat. Poppo live agency won’t get a commission on the host’s reward earning.

Poppo App Agency Rules

  • Poppo app agency is not allowed to recruit hosts and sub-agents within the app.
  • Agencies are not allowed to send ‘join agency’ invitations to random hosts without their concern.
  • No user is allowed to promote any third-party platform on Poppo Live App
  • Poppo app agencies should remain active and be in touch with their hosts, manage them and help solve host’s problems.
  • If any Poppo App Agency has less than 5 active streamers, their agency can be terminated at any time.
  • If any Poppo agent fails to help their hosts and remains inactive, their hosts can leave their agency by proving it to the management team.

Poppo live is one of the fastest growing live streaming applications, hundreds of new agencies are joining the app on daily basis. If you are working in the same domain you can’t miss being a Poppo app agency. It’s a simple and high-payment application for agencies and hosts both. For detailed information feel free to talk to us, we will help you with every step.