How To Become Poppo Host?

  1. Download Poppo App through this link: https://h5.vshowapi.com/inviteNew/share?c=poppo&link_id=279565&user_id=263506
  2. Install & Register on Poppo App. 
  3. Host Need To Click on ‘My Agent’ from Profile Options.
  4. Enter Agent ID ‘263506’ & Apply To Join The Agency.

Poppo Live Login

All users can log in to Poppo after downloading the app using any available option; Mobile, Google and Facebook. As an official host, you need to add an agency code after login in to Poppo live and submit agency code ’263506’ for successful host account login.

To start agency, you have to verify your account on the agency registration link: https://h5-global.v.show/

how to become poppo host

How Does Poppo Live Work

  • Poppo live is totally based on streamers, they require official hosts (streamers) who use their app and show their talent, daily life, talk to strangers, etc. to engage live audiences and receive gifts from users. Users who send gifts are known as audience, fans, family, gifters, senders & supporters who purchase coins using their real money and send gifts to Poppo hosts using those coins.
  • To recruit Poppo hosts (streamers) Poppo has a team of admins on the top-level support and recruitment team, who hire Agencies. Poppo agencies are individuals or companies who recruit streamers and get a percent from the hosts earning as their recruitment and support commission.
  • Poppo App gives 70%of gift shares to the hosts and up to 20% as commission to their agencies. The primary users of the app are Streamers, Senders and Audience.

How To Use Poppo App?

Poppo Live app has many features and options for hosts, Every function has its own benefit and helps Poppo hosts to grow and earn money in many ways. Hosts can do Live streaming, Group parties, Calls and Text messages to receive gifts and earn reward points. 

Poppo Live Stream

  • To start Poppo live stream hosts have to click on the Live button on the Live Page.
  • Every host has to complete the authentication steps when they stream for the first time which includes face authentication and a live cover Photo.
  • Male hosts need to reach wealth level 10 to activate Poppo Live stream feature.
  • The host can set the title of their live stream, choose a content live category & share their broadcast to their social media profiles to bring more friends to Poppo Live Stream.
  • Hosts can also choose to receive live video calls in between their live stream, for calls streamers get paid for every minute & set filters and beauty mode for an attractive appearance for the audience. 
how to use poppo live

Poppo Private Calls

  • Hosts can receive calls during the live stream or group party broadcasts, they need to allow features while starting a Live.
  • Hosts can get calls even when they are not no Live or Party, they get call notifications on their app.
  • Hosts can charge any amount between 2000 points to 5000 points for every minute call.

Poppo Rules & Regulations

  • Every Poppo host can only have one authenticated account.
  • Users must be above 18 years old
  • If any male creates a female ID, their ID will get banned permanently.
  • The cover photo must be real, clear and attractive.
  • Users can’t promote the third-party apps.
  • No nudity and adult content.

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