PowerBank App Reviews - Real or Fake?

What Is PowerBank App?

Powerbank is an amazing application, which is running in trending 2021. By using this application you can earn daily income and there are many hidden secrets to multiply your money in a week.

You may know about PowerBank application but there are many different features you may not be aware with. so just read the full blog to make fastest money of this time.

You can download the Power bank application by >>clicking here<< you will get redirected to play store as this application is not available for IOS phones.
After downloading application you have to sign-up by using your phone number and verify it using OTP sent to you on given number.

Please use invitation code 2478910 to register.

PowerBank application launched in Feb 2021 and it got more than 100K downloads in just 2 months. You can make a guess how many people are trusting on this application. It has 4 star rating on google play and thousands of people are making money on daily basis by using this app. When you redeem your money it got transferred directly to your bank account in few seconds only.

How To Earn Money On PowerBank App?

When you are successfully login to the application you will get Rs. 5 bonus in your account. The most amazing part of PowerBank app is you don’t need to perform any task or game play. You will receive payments automatically every hour.

Powerbank is best application to double your money, you don’t have to give any time or effort to this app. You can buy minimum Rs. 300 membership on power bank and leave it after, the application will automatically work on it and add some amount in your wallet every hour.

PowerBank Purchase Hall

The primary earning option in application is Purchase Hall, just click on purchase hall and you will see different investment plans. Minimum you need to invest Rs. 300, there is multiple investment plans are available like Rs. 600, 3000, 6000, 15000 and 45000.
According to my analysis power bank app will return 1.5 times of your investment every month. You just need to invest once and every month you will receive 1.5 times of investment for 1 year. 

Power bank offer 6 different plans in purchase hall and by one account you can buy one plan only one time. eg. If you already added Rs. 300 plan to your account, you can’t purchase it again but other plans will remain available to buy.

I would not suggest you to invest large amount in power bank application, just start with small amount that you can afford and use your application earning in investment by this process you can easily make large profit in short time.

PowerBank Foutune

Another way to double your money in power bank app is FORTUNE section. Once you click on fortune option you will see multiple investments plan, where you can deposit some amount and leave it in app for selected days. PowerBank will return your money with high interest.
Eg. If you deposit your money for 10 days then you will receive 143% of your deposited amount.

There are 4 different plans in fortune:
1: deposit for 10 days and earn 43% interest.
2: deposit for 35 days and earn 250% interest.
3: deposit for 120 days and earn 1300% interest.
4: deposit for 200 days and earn 2800% interest.

Is Power Bank a Genuine App?

It is expected that power bank may remain in market for a long time. It just started in Feb, 2021 and people are trusting on this application. There are multiple applications launched in past time with similar features but they vanished from all platforms in few weeks after making profit. Also many people have this misconception that applications available on play store is reliable and authentic. But, this is not the whole truth, they just comply with play store’s policies and they are allowed to remove their app anytime even, they can remove their backend server which may cause you loss.

According to previous similar applications analysis these type of applications suddenly remove their app on weekends. So never leave your profit in app wallet on weekends just withdrawal all wallet money and transfer into you bank on every Friday. 

Only make recharge if you are able to take risk on your invested money. This is very obvious that no one will pay you free money and can’t multiply your money in few days. 

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