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with TAKA, You can immerse yourself in real-time interactions with your favourite creators and celebrities.

Become Taka Live Host

LH Talent Agency is hiring Live Streamers for Taka Live App, Taka live offer amazing features like Live broadcast, PK, Games, Party Room & Voice Chat. Get 70% beans of received gifts and claim additional bonus. Taka is self withdrawal and available globally for streamers. Join now to Start your exciting journey with Taka & LH Talent Agency.

How To Become Taka host

There are 2 methods to join Taka as a host, Every host need to complete Face Verification after joining Agency.
Method 1: Become Host Using Invite Link

Method 2: Become Host Using Agent ID

  • ‘Download Taka Live & Create Profile Or Already Have Taka Account
  • Select ‘Become Host’ option from profile
  • Enter Agency ID – 532465460 & ‘Bind’
  • Complete Face-verification to activate streaming function

Taka Host Salary

Hosts salary on taka app is based on 2 factors: Basic Gift Income + Bonus Salary

10000 Beans = 1 USD

Basic Gift Income:

Hosts will get 70% beans of the gift value they receive.

Eg. If a fan sends a gift which cost the 500,000 coins ($50), then host will get 70% of that gift 70% x 500,000 = 350,000 beans ($35).

Bonus Salary:

  • Hourly bonus upto 150,000 beans.
  • Daily Bonus upto 600,000 beans
  • New hosts fix pay for first week 70,000 beans
  • Male & voice chat hosts with good performance are eligible for hourly bonus. 

Withdraw Salary in Taka

Taka offer all withdraw channels globally, Hosts can self withdraw their payments in USD or Local currency.

  1. Select ‘Cash Out’ option from profile
  2. Choose your currency or preferred withdraw channel
  3. Tap ‘withdraw’ button
  4. Enter your account details 
  5. Enter amount and submit

Join As An Agent In Taka Live