Tami For Anchor - Tami App Agency (India)

What Is Tami Pro / Tami For Anchors

Tami Pro is a video calling application oftenly use as dating app globally, Tami pro has more than 200000 daily active users across the globe. You can talk to beautiful girls on video call from any country.
Tami for Anchor is dedicated application for official streamers and agencies. Tami has more than 20000 official hosts who are always online to interact people and making good income on daily basis.
LH Talent agency is Tami Agency and has a strong team, We recruit hosts from India and support our anchors whenever require. We aim to provide high quality service to our hosts and agencies, you can get timely reply for your questions.

Tami for anchor Agency

Tami Host Registration

Please Contact Agency Before Registration

Agency WhatsApp: +918130917530

Requirement To Become Tami Host With LH Agency:

  • Gender : Female
  • Country : Only India 
  • Diamond Value : 2000 diamonds = 1 USD
  • Minimum Pay-out : 10000 diamonds (5 USD) 
  • Payment Mode : UPI & Bank Transfer
  • Payment Day : Weekly (Monday)

How To Apply Tami Host

  1. >>click here<< to download the tami for anchor app
  2. Download and Install Tami for anchor app.
  3. Register on application by verifying your mobile no.
  4. Use Agency code ‘337098616’
  5. Give all required permissions to the app.
  6. Fill all the profile details require and complete your profile 100%

tami Agency Code: 337098616

How Tami Hosts Earn Money

Salary And Target Of Tami Pro Hosts

  • There is many ways for anchors to gain coins:
  • Coins Value: 2000 coins = 1 USD

Basic Income:

Call Income: 200-1000 coins/minute
Gift Income: 39-59999 coins

Chatroom Reward

Individual Tasks:

20 Hours / Week

5 or More Valid Days (On mic more than 2 hours a day)

how to make money on tami

Room Owner Tasks:

Target based on beans a room achieves. (eg. 10000 beans)

Room owner get 1000 beans & 500 roomrebates.

become host on tami and earn money

1v1 Calling Bonus

New Anchor Bonus:

50 beans / call + 1000 beans

  • Level Bonus:
    Match Bonus: 10 beans / Match
  • Call Bonus: 
    Higher level hosts will receive higher bonus.
Tami host level bonus

Rank Bonus:

  • Daily ranking bonus
    1000-3000 beans
  • Weekly ranking bonus
    3000-30000 beans
  • Sweetie ranking
    (Mentioned in following image)
Tami host earning bonus

Rules & Restrictions On Tami For Anchor App

Only female anchors

Only female anchors shall be added by Agency. If male anchor is found working, the anchor account will be deleted and no salary will be settled. Meanwhile, the agency owner will be fined 10% for every male anchor ID.

One account for one Anchor

One Anchor can only use one account in Tami and one account can only be used by one anchor. If we find one anchor is using different accounts at the same time or one account is shared by more than one anchor, her/their accounts will be deleted and no salary will be settled. Meanwhile, the agency owner will be fined the same as the amount of her/their salary.

Offline transaction is FORBIDDEN

If confirmed the behavior of exchanging contacts and offline transaction between anchor and user, the anchor account will be deleted and no salary will be settled. Meanwhile, the agency owner will be fined the same amount as her salary.

Anchors are not allowed to give personal contacts to users in any way

We will use functional app to check if you give your contacts to the user or not, once found, both agency id and host id will be forbidden right away, and no salary will be settled.