What Sets Tami App Agency Apart?

In the dynamic world of social streaming, Tami Pro App stands out by fostering lasting partnerships between agents and hosts. This unique platform is more than just a stage for hosts; it’s a pathway for agencies to thrive. Tami is a one-to-one video calling application that allows anchors to connect with users, fostering interactions and seamless gift exchanges. Agencies recruiting vibrant hosts can partner with Tami and enjoy attractive commission structures.

Tami App Agency Registration Process

  1. >>Click here<< to Apply Agency.
  2. Enter Mobile Number & Get OTP.
  3. Enter OTP and Click Apply Now.
  4. Fill up your bank details and Submit.
  5. After submit you need to wait for official approval.
  6. Please inform LH Agency on WhatsApp +918448877709 after completing process.

Tami For Anchor App

Once your agency application is approved, the next step is to download ‘TAMI FOR ANCHOR‘ and log in with your registered number. This app seamlessly integrates with your Tami agency, providing real-time data and assistance via WhatsApp for any queries you may have.


Tami App Agency Center

Navigating the agency landscape is made easy with the Tami for Anchor app. Access your agency center to efficiently manage and monitor various aspects, including your hosts list, earnings, sub-agents data, and more. Don’t forget to complete your app profile for enhanced visibility within the vibrant Tami community.

How To Add Hosts?

Growing your Tami agency involves reaching out to potential hosts. Follow these steps to build and expand your team:

  1. Share the Tami download link and your Tami agency ID with potential hosts.
  2. Hosts download the app through the shared link, enter your agency ID, and complete the application.
  3. Await admin approval, and once granted, hosts can kickstart their journey on the platform.

Tami App Payment Process

Payouts on Tami are scheduled weekly, starting from Monday 00:00 am to Sunday 23:59 pm, China Time. Withdraw your payments hassle-free through Paytm, UPI, or Bank transfer with a nominal 3% commission. Agents can withdraw their earnings once they reach a minimum balance of $5.

Tami App FAQ

What is the minimum target on Tami?

For girls: 100000/week coins to get money, less than 100000 no salary.
For agency. Agency need min $5 in their account to withdraw.
10000 coins = 1 USD
Girls will get minimum 1000 coins / min call. 

Why did I get so many calls in just 15 seconds?

Because under 15s, users don’t have to pay, they have the right to choose girls they like, and spend money on them. So it is very important for girls to attract them. Girls have to show a full, clear face and try to ask some questions to make them feel good about you.

when and how will you get paid?

Usually we pay salary on each Monday, but sometimes due to the bank issue or holiday, there might be a delay. If after 2 days, you still not get salary then contact us. Before that, please don’t push us.

How can Hosts receive more calls?

  • Add attractive profile with the photo of yourself;
  • open “on work” button to stay LIVE mode, and working longer times per day, so you will get more match calls;
  • Be more attractive and try your best to increase the duration of the call. The longer the call, the more you earn. More earning will lead to higher level, and higher level means more and high quality calls.
  • Be active per day, don’t stop working for few days and back work again.

Why can't Hosts receive more calls?

  • your working time is short, just few minutes per day.
  • you have been considered as B hosts by system. For B hosts they will get less and less calls and then no call.

How to avoid as B hosts?

Ensure that at least one call exceeds 15 seconds within the first 50 calls to be classified as A or S hosts for better call quality.

This comprehensive guide provides insights into the robust features of Tami Pro App, ensuring that your agency can thrive in the vibrant and dynamic world of social streaming. If you have any questions or need further clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Join Tami today and unlock a world of opportunities for your agency!

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