Tami Pro Agency Registration & Earning

What Is Tami Live App Agency

Tami Live App is establishing a long-term business relationship with their agents and hosts. Tami pro provide a great opportunity for hosts & agencies to grow up and make money through app. Tami pro is a one to one video calling application which allow anchors to connect with random users, interact with them and receive and send gifts with them.
People who are able to recruit beautiful and bold hostesses for the application area allowed to become agency and partner in recruitment. Tami pro offer very attractive commission slab mentioned below. 

About Tami pro App

Tami is an international social streaming mobile app, it has 200k+ active users on daily basis. Tami not only provide hostesses to show their talent and grow but it also let agencies to come forward and grow their business by registering agencies with a simple process. 

Tami Agency Commission

The commission ratio of agencies is floating according to the total weekly revenue of the hosts under one’s agency. The more your hosts will earn the more commission ratio agency will receive.

$100-$299 = 20%
$300-$999 = 22%
$1000-$2999 = 24%
$3000-$9999 = 26%
$10000-$29999 = 28%
$30000-$99999 = 30%

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Tami App Payment Process

1, Weekly paid: Statistics Time is from Monday 00:00 am. to Sunday 23:59pm. China Time. Tami will pay before next Thursday, in the event of any Chinese public holiday, the pay day will be postponed accordingly.

2, Min amount of money for agents: $100, if less than $100, the salary will be paid after accumulated to $100. 

3, There is no merge of the coins. 

4, If call was hung up within 30s, no coins for this call.

How To Apply for Tami Agency?

Agency Application Submission

1. Click On the button above to Apply Agency.
2. Enter Mobile Number & Get OTP.
3. Enter OTP and Click Apply Now.
4. Fill up your bank details and Submit.
5. After submit you need to wait for official approval.


For girls: 10000/week coins to get money, less than 10000 no salary For agency: $100 to withdraw, otherwise, salary will been hold until reached to $100.

There is no merge of coins, so you need to set a basic target for your girls.

Because under 15s, users don’t have to pay, they have the right to choose girls they like, and spend money on them. So it is very important for girls to attract them. Girls have to show a full, clear face and try to ask some questions to make them feel good about you.

Usually we pay salary on each Thursday, but sometimes due to the bank issue or holiday, there might be a delay. If after 2 days, you still not get salary then contact us. Before that, please don’t push us.

1. Add attractive profile with the photo of yourself; 2. open “on work” button to stay LIVE mode, and working longer times per day, so you will get more match calls; 3. Be more attractive and try your best to increase the duration of the call. The longer the call, the more you earn. More earning will lead to higher level, and higher level means more and high quality calls. 4. Be active per day, don’t stop working for few days and back work again.

1. your working time is short, just few minutes per day. 2. you have been considered as B hosts by system. For B hosts they will get less and less calls and then no call.

You become B hosts is because you have no call more than 15 seconds for the first 50 calls after you join. As long as you have 1 call more than 15 seconds, you will select as A hosts or S hosts, which will bring you more and high quality calls. So, try you best to get at least 1 call more than 15 seconds (the more the better), otherwise, you will be weeded out gradually.

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