Bigo Live As Tik Live Comeback in India

Ye Its true that Bigo live has come back in India with another name called Tik Live, Tik live already launched in India in June 2021. Everyone can use Bigo live as Tik Live application on iPhone, Android or any other smartphone its is officially available in the Indian play store and app store and the server of Bigo Live is merged with Tik Live. 

It is quite sure that Bigo will soon start working properly like before through Tik Live. Many Bigo users who were connected to it for Entertainment or Earning purposes, it is going to be big happy news for you.

How Bigo will comeback in India?

As per the Indian government policies, many rules and regulations have been put up regarding the privacy of mobile phone users to operate in India. For security and privacy purposes every application must have its operating server in India and can not transfer users data outside the country.

Bigo technology has 2 streaming applications: Bigo Live & Likee app but Tik Live is owned by Netstar Pvt. ltd. which is an Indian based company. If already someone has bigo live app in their phone they can continue using that same app and easily recover their old account by simply signing in. It is very clear that bigo has already came-back to India also started its operation as their app is runing without using any VPN.

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How to use Tik Live / Bigo Live?

Tik live has a similar interface as Bigo Live with minor changes and Bigo live is still not available on play store or app store of India. Instead, Bigo live has launched a new application for India that has merged the server and you can also log in to your old Bigo account in Tik live.

Tik Live is an India based company and they will only operate from India. All marketing, operation, IT Server everything is based in India and its following Indian government policies. 

What is Tik Live.

Tik live is a live streaming application in India launched in June 2021 to replace Bigo live. It has similar features and functions to bigo live. You can use your bigo ID in Tik Live. This is not the first time we see any application comeback in India by another name, previously it was done by MICO as MIKA and recently PUBG comeback with the name Battleground India. Anyone in India can use Tik Live without VPN. 

How to become host on Tik Live / Bigo Live India?

Tik live is currently (july 2021) not recruiting hosts and agencies, they have just started operation in India and focusing on increasing their downloads. Soon they will start recruiting official hosts and agencies for Tik Live India. If you want to become a host on Tik live then you can early register by submitting your details and wait for Tik Live next order to start hiring. We will inform you as it starts again and help you to become an official host.

Proces for recruiting official hosts might be the same as what Bigo Live used to follow. Every host has to give a live interview to a Tik Live admin through an agency.

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