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Tira 1v1 Social Video Call App

Tira Agency Registration

Tira is an amazing vidoe calling & dating app which help users to find real connections through video calls. Tira is looking for the coorporate agencies to help to refer the hosts. Tira also offer extra bonus for agencies who would like to refer more sub-agencies.  

Tira Agency Registration Process

  1. >>Click Here<< & Download Tira Android Mobile App
  2. Sign Up through any method (Facebook / Google / Mobile Number)
  3. Click on profile and find Tira ID.
  4. Fill your details in registration form.
or Contact Us directly on Whatsapp +91 8130917530

Tira App Salary Policy

Salary For Tira Agency:

Note For Bonus:

Tira is offering money for agnecy leaders by adding new hosts (New hosts, if reach target then get certain amount of Bonus.

To assure new host is active, new host should have at lease 600 diamond (match+paid video call+gift), then can be count into your progress.

Every host should only have 1 account, If Tira team finds more than 1 account of a host then host and agency will not get any bonus.


Tira Agency requirements: 

It is necessary to supervise the work of the hosts and prohibit cheating, Actively communicate with them and rectify when the hosts violate regulations.


Tira Payout Rules:

  • Weekly Paymanet Day: Wednesday
  • $20 Minimum Payment Withdrawal, more than $10 hosts weekly salary can be counted into payout salary.
  • Hosts diamonds can be accumulate for 2 weeks, Agency Salary can be accumulate for 4 weeks

Tira Sub Agency Commission

If you can invite more agencies to join Tira, you can add them as sub-agencies of yours. As the main agency who referred more sub-agencies, your salary will be Part 1 + Part 2

Part 1: Salary from your host = Your Commission Ratio* Your Host’s Total Salary.

Part 2: Salary from Sub-agencies = (Your commission ratio – sub agency’s commission ratio)* this sub-agency’s total weekly revenue.


Your commission Ratio can be decided by all your hosts and sub-agencies host salary.

The More agencies you refer to Tira, the more salary your can get, the higher ratio you will have.

Tira Agency Dashboard

Tira Agency Dashboard is a online web portal where you can access after your agency approval. Once your agency get confirm you will receive login ID & Password on WhatsApp from Tira Admin. Your Agency portal is your dashboard where you can manage your hosts, add more hosts and withdraw income.

Add Host On Tira App

There are 2 ways to add hosts on Tira 1v1 video calling App:

Add host From Tira Agency Dashboard

  1. Let Hosts Download Tira App
  2. Ask the host’s Tira ID to you.
  3. Add them to your Tira Agency dashboard by filling in their ID.

Add Host From Tira Host Account

Steps By Host:

  1. Tell your host your agency ID. 
  2. Let them Apply on Tira App > Profile > Setting > Join Agency
  3. Fill Agency ID & Apply

Steps By Agency:

  1. Tell your host your agency ID. 
  2. Let them Apply on Tira App > Profile > Setting > Join Agency
  3. Fill Agency ID & Apply