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Tira 1v1 Video Calling App

Tira Host Registration

Tira is a 1v1 video calling mobile application, actively hiring beautiful female hosts. Tira is recruiting hosts from South Asia, North Asia, India and Latin America. If you want to become an official host on Tira to make good income please complete Tira Host Registration Process.

There are 2 ways to register as Tira Host:

Send Hosting Request To Tira Agency

  1. Download Tira Mobile App >>Click Here To Download<<
  2. Register on Tira App
  3. Apply on Profile > App Setting > Join Agency
  4. Fill Agency ID: 9002579
  5. Fill given form or contact us on WhatsApp +918130917530 for Confirmation.
tira host registration process
Become tira host

Tira Host Registration Process

  1. Download Tira Mobile App >>Click Here To Download<<
  2. Register on Tira App
  3. Send Your Tira ID to Us on Whatsapp +918130917530 to Confirm.

Tira Host Salary

Diamond revenue will only be earned if matching calls and paid calls are hung up after the 30s.

Diamond Exchange ratio: 800 Diamonds=1 USD.

Hosts will be reported by users if hosts don’t show face on camera. If reported many times, hosts will be banned for matching.

Girls can get 80 Diamonds per min of Paid call; 20 Diamonds per min of Match call.

Host can get at most 3000 diamonds from match after added as host, when match call diamond reach 3000, host can get at least 600 diamonds from matching calls every day. The more paid calls you have, the more match diamond you can get everyday.

To Get Bonus ( Basic Salary)

  • Daily average working hours for the week should at least 3 hours.
  • weekly paid video call mins should >=20 mins, valid means the call mins over 30 sec.
  • Hosts have chance to get base salary at first 2 months after added.
  • Host who violate Tira rules (including hang up calls, do not show face on camera) will lose the qualification to get base salary.

Payment Rule:

  • Weekly Payout Time: Wednesday
  • Payout threshold: 8000 diamond (values $10) 
  • 2 week merge (if not reach 8000 diamond in the first week, can accumulate with next weeks diamond, 2 weeks at most)

Tips for New Hosts to earn more diamond:

  • Do matches to talk with users, attract and get more paid calls from them to get more diamond from each call min. You can also add them as friend and send pm to let the users make paid video call to you.
  • Girls should upload at least 1 attractive profile pic of herself.

Tira Regulations

  • Use proper profile picture: do not show private parts, show your face and make sure it’s your most friendly and beautiful picture.
  • When having calls with users, hosts must show their face clearly in front of camera. if hosts make blank screen / using videos, photos, hosts will lose the chance to continue working.
  • In order to protect host’s personal information, personal contact number, address or bank information should not disclose.