Become a Streamer Agency Your Gateway to Success

Host Recruiter Opportunity

Become a host recruiter for a live streaming agency and enjoy the convenience of working from home. Discover and recruit talented individuals and influencers for live video hosting and video calling apps, unlocking a lucrative income stream.

Host Recruiter Agency

Launch Your Live Streaming Business

Embark on an exciting journey by starting your own Live Streaming Agency. Work from the comfort of your home as you recruit new streaming hosts and contribute to the dynamic world of live streaming.

In the realm of live-streaming applications, talent agencies are indispensable. They empower individuals to recruit hosts and broadcasters for live hosting apps, manage streamers’ data, and address queries. Whether you choose to make it a full-time venture or part-time pursuit, anyone with a knack for bringing in good-looking and talented individuals is welcome to join as a streamer agency.

Unleash the Potential of Live Streaming

Every live-streaming application relies on agencies to discover new talent, influencers, and broadcasters while ensuring their active engagement on the platform. As a streamer agency, your role is crucial. If you have connections with talented individuals looking for extra income, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

The Business Dynamics

Live-streaming applications contract with agencies to bring in new talent and manage the ongoing relationship with streamers. Agencies earn commissions through referrals and hosted streams. It’s a win-win scenario—the more broadcasters earn, the higher the commission for agencies each month.


Ready to dive into the world of live streaming talent agencies? Start your journey today and discover the endless possibilities that await. Join our streamer agency and be part of a community that thrives on talent, creativity, and the art of live streaming.