Voice and video chat on the app

  • Public and private chats: share your world with whoever you want.
  • Create personal group videos or chat messages with your fans and special friends (Live Family).

Recommendations for Streamer on Official Streamers

  • Be cheerful, smile and unleash your individuality! Positive emotions attract people, it’s a fact! Spread good vibes and they will come back to you in the form of new followers.
  • Value your fans: interact with your viewers when they visit your broadcast, greet them, make them feel welcome, ask questions, keep the conversation going. Remember who your gifts are and show gratitude each time gifts are sent to you.
  • Consistency is key – try to stream every day, at least 1 hour per day. Streaming app has a great bonus for longer broadcasts, when you exceed your average broadcast time, you start receiving + 10%, + 15% and + 20% more diamonds for each gift. The more you stream, the more you earn!
  • Speaking of bonuses… It’s important to stay up-to-date on current Streaming app bonus programs and promotions, they can help you maximize your income! Build gift collections, participate in referral and mentoring programs, invite users to subscribe to your broadcasts. Those benefits are created for you to take advantage of.
  • Clean and Attractive background: Think about where you are broadcasting. Your background should be simple yet attractive (no dirty socks lying around), location: bright and well lit for onlookers to see. If you broadcast in the dark and cluttered room, your camera will have a hard time providing high video quality. Another good idea is to add music that sets the atmosphere.
  • Show your creativity with confidence: sing, play instruments, read a poem, play a game, tell a story, dance. If you do it with passion, the audience will appreciate it! If you are not very good at improvising write a little plan for your convenience, think about what you are going to talk about, make a list of the songs you want to perform, make a few points.
  • Impact on social connections: Do you want many users to see your broadcast? Then make sure it shows up on various live streaming broads. Link your Instagram page to the account and your broadcast will start to appear with instagram button. Ask our support team to add you to the Party channel. For creative content we also offer the Artists, Music and Dance live. We invite you to join live house.
  • Last but not least, no live stream will become successful without a solid internet connection, high speed WIFI is your best choice, it will keep the picture clear and detailed, freebies and feedback will arrive without delay. Less stress for you and your viewers!

Tips to Be a Successful Streamer?

The following are some recommendations to become a Successful Streamer and get the most out of existing dating apps.

  • You should always convey using makeup to enhance female beauty.
  • Set an eye-catching and impactful profile photo.
  • Always set a photo of yourself. DO NOT use other photos with frames or borders.
  • Your profile picture should be in excellent quality, if you don’t have one, take the time to take some.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Feel free to explore your personality and build good virtual relationships with users and friends.
  • Always keep your broadcast environment clean and orderly.
  • Always greet users with a smile on your face and greet them once they arrive at your broadcast.
  • Comply with all the rules of the Application, research everything about it.
  • Creativity has no limits.

Tips For Video Calling Hosts

A strategy to prolong and retain users on calls is to design a small script with basic questions in several languages ​​where you greet them euphorically, ask them what their names are, where they are from, how old are they, what they like to do, and so on. so you are responding with yours.

That way the first minute has passed and you enter into trust with them, you can be expressive when they say that they are from, for example, Mexico, tell them that you like that country, that it is very beautiful and that way they enter into trust with you.

Also invite them to follow you, add you to your friends in the App so that they are aware when you connect to the App, you can also share what times you connect in the App.

Then you can ask them what they do in their free time, what are their hobbies, favorite sport and so on. Sometimes we will learn about general culture and history. Many will send you gifts and that will make you earn much more.

Remember that it is totally forbidden to share personal and contact data, or to remove the user from the App, if he wants to continue seeing you, it must be exclusively through the App, so you guarantee that you have peace of mind and will not find you in your personal networks.

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