Tips For Streaming:

  • Enjoy live video broadcasts and chats with the audience.
  • Play interactive games with streamers.
  • Engage with the live audience and ask questions while streaming.
  • Follow your favorite broadcaster and be the first to know when they appear live.
  • For better performance and valuable tips, watch the top-performing live-streamers.

Voice and video chat on the app

  • Public and private chats: share your world with whoever you want.
  • Create personal group videos or chat messages with your fans and special friends (Live Family).

Recommendations for Streamers

Smile: Be yourself while live-streaming and keep that smile on your face.

Spread positivity: Positive emotions attract people, it’s a fact! Spread good vibes and they will come back to you in the form of new followers.

Value your fans: Interact with your viewers while live-streaming. Greet them, make them feel welcome, and keep the conversation interactive. Show gratitude for the gifts you receive and make sure to thank them.

Consistency is the key: Make sure you live-stream daily, at least one hour/day. The more you will live-stream the more you will earn. When you exceed your average broadcast time, you start receiving +10%, +15%, and +20% more diamonds for each gift.

Other Programs: Keep yourself updated with all streaming app bonus programs and promotions. This will help you to maximize your income. Build gift collections, participate in referral and mentoring programs, and invite users to subscribe to your broadcasts. Those benefits are created for you to take advantage of.

Background Matters: The place of broadcasting should be neat, and the background has to be simple yet attractive. The lighting should be good for the viewers. You can put a light music to set the atmosphere.

Show your Creativity with Confidence: Make sure you choose your passion and act with confidence. Do anything, sing, play instruments, read a poem, dance, play any game, tell a story, or makeup tutorials, with passion, and the audience will also appreciate that. Prepare yourself in advance for the live stream.

Impact on social connections: Do you want many users to see your broadcast? Then make sure it shows up on various live streaming broads. Link your Instagram page to the account and your broadcast will start to appear with an Instagram button. Ask our support team to add you to the Party channel. For creative content, we also offer Artists, Music, and Dance live. We invite you to join the live house.

Internet Connection: Any streaming won’t be successful without a stable internet connection. The live-streaming should be without any interruption. A high-speed internet keeps the picture clear and the hosts receive the feedback or live-comment on time.

Tips to Be a Successful Streamer:

The following are some recommendations for becoming a successful streamer and growing your potential for earning:

  1. Set an impactful and clear profile photo of yourself. Do not use dummy photos.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes, so that does not bother you in between the live-streaming.
  3. Feel free to explore your personality and build good relationships with users and friends.
  4. Always keep the broadcast environment clean.
  5. Always interact with users and welcome them when they join your broadcast. Try to mention their name while streaming.
  6. Make sure to read all the policies about the application.
    Creativity has no limit.

Tips For Video Calling Hosts

  • A strategy to prolong and retain users on calls is to design a small script with basic questions in several languages
  • First greet them instantly, ask their name, where they are from, their age, what they like to do, etc., and keep the conversation interactive.
  • When the first minute has passed by and trust has been built between you and the users. Try to build a good relationship on the elaborative topics, share that you like their country and want to visit someday.
  • Also invite them to follow you, so that they will be aware of your broadcast timing.
  • Continue with the conversation and ask about their hobbies, what they do in their free time, favorite sports and travel destinations, etc.
  • People interact when they find the topic of their interest. 
  • Many users send gifts while interacting. Always thank the users.
  • Sharing any personal information or contact number is prohibited. The user needs to use the respective application only for connecting with you.