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LH Talent Agency is a top performer agency with 20,000+ agents and 12,000+ hosts from various countries such as India, Pakistan, the Philippines,
the USA, Africa, Europe, and many more. We recruit entertaining streamers, talented influencers, and managerial agents for live-streaming, video-calling, and audio-chat apps. We provide support and guidance related to their overall performance and productivity. We are building a stage for all the skilled influencers or streamers and connecting them with their respective platforms to showcase their talent.

At LH Talent Agency, we make sure to provide new opportunities to showcase their talents in the field of live-streaming and help them monetize their account. With adequate resources and tools, we research every possibility and generate various platforms for the growth of our streamers and agents.

LH Talent Agency was incorporated in 2018 by Mr. Mahesh Bairwa (an MBA in Human Resource Management, a graduate in Business Studies, and a Digital Marketing Professional). The Agency aims to serve specifically in live-streaming, video calling, and voice-calling apps. With practical experience, we have grown a community of talented teams and skilled professionals which helps to increase the revenue growth of the applications.

In the world of digital marketing, talented influencers and streamers are constantly finding opportunities to grow and market themselves. LH Talent Agency is helping them use the right platforms and encouraging them to enhance their content and skills. Currently, we are collaborating with different live-streaming apps such as Poppo Live, Chamet, Niki, Honeycam, Waka, Plamfy, etc., and 12,000+ active sub-agents globally.

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Hiring Hosts

LH Talent Agency recruits hosts for different live-streaming platforms and guides their overall productivity. The Agency helps them to monetize their content and grow their online presence, which helps them build their career in the live-streaming industry. LH Talent Agency opens the paths for opportunities.

Hiring Steamer Agents

Individuals and talent acquisition agencies are welcome to join LH Talent Agency and hire broadcasters. The LiveHosting Agency will assist you with the process of remuneration. LH Talent Agency also provides resources for the recruitment process, and streamer management for rapid team development.