LH Talent Management Agency

LiveHosting is a collective of amazing people striving to showcase their talent to the world. LH talent management agency Is remarkably professional, skilled and one of fastest growing manpower & event hosting company. Our people help us to grow and achieve more every year, We use our all creativity, sources, knowledge and imagination to manage our project.

Our talent management Agency aims to help influencers improve the focus on their career and adapting it to the new online trend. We take care of creating a greater audience and reach.

Live Hosting platform is started by  (MBA in Human Resource, Graduate in Business Studies and Professional Digital Marketer). Specially created to serve the new and trending social media platforms such as; live streaming, audio streaming, Game streaming, online event and video calling.
We are working since 2018 with live streaming apps and gained a good experience and analyzed the requirements and market of live streaming applications. 

Our team has performed different roles with multiple streaming apps and have experienced the environment in and out. Today thousands of people are finding new opportunities to earn extra income but unsure about where to start and how to connect recruiters or live streaming applications. At the meantime applications and recruiters are also searching for talented streamers to pleasure their platform with their skills but somewhere they are missing out on a large potential audience.

We help companies and recruiters with our services to find new talent. Live streamers and influencers can connect with our platform for free. We are most trusted and reliable services provider in the live streaming industry.

How do We work?

For online content creators, we have a management and representation service. Being an Influencer, Instagrammer, Streamer or YouTuber is not an easy path and therefore, we have dedicated a section just for you. We are in continuous training to keep us always updated on the latest trends. We have different Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications.

Our commitment is transparency with our clients and talents, we do not embellish the results and if at some point a strategy does not work as it should, we will look for the key points to improve to achieve the expected result.