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How To Become Poppo App Agency?

Poppo App

Poppo app is 1v1 Social video calling and live streaming mobile application. Poppo allow its official users and agencies to earn money with entertainment. Hosts can make money through video calls, Private chat, live streaming and group chat. Agencies can make good commission by hiring more hosts and sub-agencies.

Poppo Agency Registration Process

  1. Download Poppo Mobile App.
  2. Register & Sign-in using any option.
  3. Copy Poppo ID from profile.
  4. Click on Agency Registration Link
  5. Fill required details and submit.

Agency approval may take 10-15 minutes. If you face any problem you make contact us on WhatsApp +91 8130917530

poppo agency registration

Poppo Agency Commission ratio

Poppo agency commission ratio totally based on the total earning by hosts and sub-agents under your agency.


Your agency commission ratio will be decid every week based on the total revenue generated through your agency. 

Your Sub agents commission ration vary on agent to agent: (your agency commission ratio – sub-agent commission ratio) *weekly total income generated by sub-agent.


Poppo Agency Commission ratio

You can check the earnings and settlement details in Agency Management. Please refer to the following pictures :

Note: The agency’s revenue only includes the hosts’ earnings from video/voice chat, text chat, and cyber-gifts. Hosts rewards earning from daily & weekly tasks and ranking are not part of agency commission.

Poppo Payment Withdrawal Method

  • All the hosts’ salary is received and distributed by the agent.
  • 10,000 points = $1; The points , when less than 100,000, will be transferred to next settlement cycle.
  • The withdrawal amount must be an integral multiple of 10, and the remainder will be accumulated and transferred to the next settlement cycle.
  • 12:00 p.m. on every Sunday (UCT+8), the system will calculate the qualified points automatically. We will settle the settlement after the approval on Monday, and complete the payment on Thursday.
  • Any service charge incurred in the transaction is subject to the policies of the payment platform Epay. Please make sure all the information is accurate.
  • Add the Epay account. Please refer to《Withdrawal Process.pdf》and the following pictures for details.

Poppo Agency Regulation

  • Agencies are not allowed to hire hosts from other Poppo agencies.
  • Agencies and hosts can’t promote other apps on Poppo.
  • Hosts should be above 18 years old.
  • Any breach of regulation may result in penalty such as Warning, Account Ban & Deduct Earnings.