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Poppo Agency Commission Ratio:

Understand the commission structure based on Points Value and agency revenue. The formula for Agency Salary is detailed, emphasizing that only earnings from live streams & gift-receiving count for agent commission.

Points Value:  10000 Points = 1 USD
Points: 10000 coins of gifts can give hosts 7000 points.
Coins: Get through recharge, an agency can get 92000 coins for $10.

  • The Agency commission ratio totally depends upon total revenue earned in the last 30 days by Hosts & sub-agents joined under an agency. (It doesn’t include rewards by poppo app)
  • Revenue recent 30 days period include today also and update revenue in real-time. If there is any credit in host or sub-agency earning it will update immediately.
  • Commission through sub-agents depends upon total agency revenue in the recent 30 days and individual sub-agent revenue in the recent 30 days.
  • Agency Salary = Host Earning x Commission ratio + (Agency Commission Ratio – Sub-agent Commission Ratio) x Sub-agent Earning

Poppo Payment Withdrawal Method:

You can check the earnings and settlement details in Agency Management. You can choose to withdraw option on the main profile page for payment options as mentioned in the following picture.:

Note: The agency’s revenue only includes a commission from hosts’ earnings from video/voice chat, text chat and gifts. Hosts rewards earned from daily & weekly tasks and ranking are not part of the agency commission.

  • Hosts can withdraw their payment by themselves they do not require their agency to get payment. 
  • The minimum withdrawal should be 10 USD.

Explore the various options for withdrawing payments, including EPay, USDT, and Bank Transfer. Minimum withdrawal is $10, and agency revenue is clarified to exclude rewards earned from tasks or rankings. for eg. In India Poppo offer EPay, USDT & Bank Transfer, every country has different payment methods. E-Pay is almost available for every country, To create an EPay Account >>click here<<

Coins Distribution to Host & Agency:

Get insights into offline coin purchase rates and how the distribution works. Understand the conversion rates and the commission earned by the agency on user top-ups.

  • Offline coins purchase rate: 1 USD = 9400 coins
    (To Purchase Poppo coins contact us on WhatsApp)
  • Points to coins: When someone gift coins to hosts, the host receive 70% rate of that gift.
    (For Eg. If a user send 5000 coins, then host will get 3500 points)

Coin distribution

  • User top up of $500 and get 4700000 coins
  • User gift 4500000 coins to a host, the host will get 3290000 points ($329) and Agent may get 750000 points ($75) as commission on 20% commission rate.

Poppo Agent Payment Policy:

Gain clarity on the points-to-dollar conversion, withdrawal process, and any applicable service charges.

  • 10,000 points = $1; The points, remaining or less than 100,000, will remain in your wallet and add in next tranfer.
  • The withdrawal amount must be an integral multiple of 10, and the remainder will be accumulated and transferred to the next settlement cycle.
  • Service Charges may apply during the withdrawal process.
  • Agency points remain updated in real-time, every time when a host receives a gift it will immediately reflect in agency dashboard.

Agency Requirements:

Comprehend the requirements for agencies, including maintaining at least 10 active hosts weekly, fostering good relations with hosts, and not recruiting hosts from other Poppo agencies.

  • Agency need to provide attest 10 active hosts (hosts who stream 1 hour every day), Every agency should maintain at least 10 host active every week.
  • Agency should maintain good relation and communication with their hosts, keep them active (stream at least 1 hour a day) and encourage to achieve bigger targets.
  • Agencies Can not recruit hosts working under other agencies on Poppo application, I any agency find recruiting other agency hosts they may face penalty or ban of their agency account.

Poppo Agency Regulation:

Adhere to the regulations to avoid penalties such as warnings, account bans, and earnings deductions. Prohibited actions include hiring hosts from other agencies, promoting other apps, and charging more than 5% salary transfer fees.

  • Agencies are not allowed to hire hosts from other Poppo agencies.
  • Agencies and hosts can’t promote other apps on Poppo.
  • Hosts should be above 18 years old.
  • Any breach of regulation may result in penalties such as Warning, Account Ban & Deduct Earnings.
  • Agency is not allowed to charge more than 5% salary transfer fee from hosts according to current currency rate, if any report confirmed by the Poppo team they may take any action suitable.
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