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Who We Are?

LH Talent Agency is a top performer agency with 20,000+ agents and 12,000+ hosts from various countries such as India, Pakistan, the Philippines,
the USA, Africa, Europe, and many more. We recruit entertaining streamers, influencers, and agents for live-streaming, video-calling, and audio-chat apps. As a live hosting agency, we provide support and guidance for their overall performance and productivity. We are building a stage for all the skilled influencers or streamers and connecting them with their respective platforms to showcase their talent.

One-Stop Platform For Streamers, Agents & Applications

Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment

LH Talent Agency constantly searches for talented streamers with audience-engaging skills. A streamer can have skills in any field such as dance, arts and crafts, make-up tutorials, cooking, fitness, etc. We provide various live-streaming applications as a platform for streamers where they can monetize their talent worldwide. The Agency also provides expert recommendations for constant improvements and growth.

Agent Partnership

Agent Partnership

With the constant need for hiring streamers, we need talent acquisition companies and individual agents to maintain the demand. LH Talent Agency has the biggest agent community globally, with 20,000+ active agents. These agents’ primary work is to recruit streamers and influencers for various live-streaming apps and provide support.

Talent Management

Talent Management

With a vast knowledge of social media marketing and PPC advertisements, the Agency can thrive in mobile application installs. We help brands to market their application and increase their reach in the industry. As a talent acquisition agency, we have a large dataset of working professionals through which we can reach the right audience to drive the app downloads instantly.

Marketing & Promotions​

Build A Global Community

Talent Recruitment

Join LH Talent Agency, a leading live-streaming agency, and enter a world of like-minded people. We have a wide community of 20,000+ agents and 12000+ hosts globally. We collaborate with various live-streaming applications, which brings the opportunities that connect you with a global audience and spread your content worldwide. It will eventually connect you with people from different communities and help you to increase your audience reach.

Content Monetization

Agent Partnership

With a mission of building a supportive environment where content creators and streamers get the maximum benefit through live-streaming and monetizing their content. The LH Talent Agency has collaborated with various live-streaming platforms that offer the facility of generating income by showcasing talent and other special reward programs. All these applications have the feature of converting the reward points into real money and the streamers can withdraw them.

Work Flexibility

Talent Management

Whether you are a working professional and need a secondary source of income or a busy homemaker who wants to become financially independent. You can easily balance your personal and professional life. Work with your preferred time and location. All you need is a mobile phone with internet connectivity and you can start earning.

Poppo Live

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Poppo Live is a top live-streaming app based in Hong Kong, where influencers and streamers can connect with people globally. Poppo Live focuses on building a relationship with the audience through the talent within you and makes the live-streaming entertaining.

Niki Live

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Niki Live is a social networking app where connecting with people around the globe is easy, all from the comfort of your screen. This app offers live streaming, live chats, party rooms, virtual gifts, and many more features.


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Chamet is a social application with ten million+ users. It connects people throughout various countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. The unique feature of Chamet is that it is a real-time translation that makes live-streaming language barrier-free.

Mimi Live

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Mimi Live is an interactive application, offering engaging features like live streaming, party rooms, and video calling focusing on Indian audiences. With its focus on live broadcasting, Mimi Live allows users to showcase their talents, and interact directly with their audience.

Taka Live

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Taka Live is a live-streaming and chat app with 1+ million users with amazing features like group chatting, live-streaming, special gift effects, etc. A special feature of AI Chat Assistant is included in Taka Live, where one can engage in conversation with AI, who will provide answers to your questions.

WoW App

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Wow App! Is 100% free networking app with video calling and group voice calls. An app for making and interacting with friends anytime, anywhere.


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HoneyCam! A free social site for making friends and exchanging cultural values from various countries. Live video calls and chat options are available here.


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Olamet! A great platform for meeting new people from different countries every day. Random video calling, live streaming, and real-time translation features are some cool features of Olamet.