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niki live agency registration

Niki Live Agency Commission Structure: Earn Smart

Understanding the commission structure is the key to unlocking maximum earnings as a Niki Live agent:

Beans Value: 10,000 beans equal 1 USD.

Recruit Multi-Level Agents:

  • Agents can recruit multi-level agents and earn commissions based on their performance.

Commission Components:

  • Host Performance Commission: Multiply the agent’s commission rate by the host’s earnings.
  • First-Level Agent Performance Commission: Calculated based on the first-level agent’s total earnings.
  • Level Progression: The agent’s level and commission rate evolve based on the total wages earned in a week.


Your commission income is transferred to the agency manager’s wallet as beans every week. Withdrawals can be made directly from the app, with payments processed on Mondays or the first working day after a holiday.

How to Add Hosts: Expand Your Network

Boost your earnings by adding hosts to your agency:

  1. Host Registration: Instruct hosts to download the Niki Live app, create a profile, and provide their Niki Profile ID.
  2. Agency Integration: Open your Niki profile, click on ‘Agency,’ and enter the Host ID.
  3. Approval Process: Hosts will receive an agency request in the Niki app system message. They need to accept the agency request.


Seize the opportunity to enhance your income with Niki Live. Register as an agent, understand the commission structure, and expand your network of hosts. Start earning on your terms with Niki Live!

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