For Recruiters

Find Streamers

We offer potential streamers data to recruiters of live streaming and video calling applications. The data we provide is of skilled people who hold the capability to entertain and drive audience to remain on broad for longer time. We will provide direct contact details of potential streamers you can join under you and generate more revenue.

For Application

We recruit prefect fit hosts for your application, as we have 2 years of experience of hiring official streamers for Video streaming and video calling apps, Our hosts are genuine and come from multiple countries. We Simply become official host recruiter with your app and work on benefits provided by company to their agencies.

For Companies

Through the power of digital marketing we provide promotional and marketing services to our partnered application. We use the power of social media, influencer and search engine to get maximum downloads and users on your application. We also get your application downloaded by the hosts connected with us.

For Companies

As the requirement of agencies / recruiters to hire more hosts for your application can be fulfill here with LiveHosting platform. People who have big number of social connection and followers, who are privileged with the power to influence people to join any application.