Live Stream Hosting


Frequently Asked Questions

Live Streaming applications belong to entertainment industry, These applications are most trending and profitable social media platforms and spreading its branches across the globe. 

On these Platforms users and stream their videos very easily in real time. Users can share their talent to live audience, talk to them and make real fan base through their skills. These application money/gifts to their officially contracted streamers, also hosts can convert received gifts into cash.

To Become host on live streaming applications you can contact us, we are working for multiple streaming apps since 2018. We process the profiles of talented people to recruitment partners worldwide. Every application has a different process, our representative will contact you regarding open opportunities and ask you to fulfil the requirements to start your official hosting. 

We do not charge any process fee from talents.

Yes, We don’t bound any streamer to keep continue with us they can stop working any time. 

A host must be at-least 18 years old. Some applications only prefer females for official streaming. Hosts must have some skill to entertain live audience and able to gain gifts from viewers.

No, Any one can become an official host they don’t need to have any existing fan following on social media or app itself.

No, hosts can stream any time of the day they want. Streaming schedule is flexible and totally depend on the streamer but all hosts need to complete the monthly hours requirement to get their earning.

There are some targets to complete every month. Its is basically depend on streaming duration and gifts you receive. One a host make both the target in a month period they get their salary credited. Our representative will explain you in details about individual application requirements.

Live streaming apps are totally based on real and unedited content. People has to be very interactive and engaging to entertain real time audience. Hosts are allowed to perform any set of skill such as talking, dancing, singling, flirting, comedy, mimicry, education, cooking, make-up, anything they got to show their viewers. There are some restrictions on public streamings such as pyrography, drugs, alcohol and smoking. You cant mislead and show violent content on streaming.