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How To Earn In Mico Live App

Mico Is a Live Streaming Application to meet new people and start live broadcasting. MICO live agency focuses on improving their content quality. As a result, they are offering Talent bonus to broadcasters. With their middle to long term plans. So MICO Live initiated special policies for talented people and influencers.

Mico Live Host Salary

Mico Basic Host Salary Sheet & Target

Minimum Time Requirements of Streaming

  • 25 normal hours + 5 game live hours spread across 15 days
  • 1 hour of broadcasting will be considered as 1 effective day
  1. Monthly Duration Target (M-Duration Target) is mandatory for Level A, B, C, D, E & F talents;
  2. If talent join later than 15th day of each month, M-Duration Target will not be required;
  3. Minimum 1 hour live in 1 calendar day (PST, GMT-8) will be counted as 1 Effective Day
  4. All monthly Income Diamond, excluded Reward Diamond, will be used for calculating
    Talents’ Salary;
  5. Talent Salary is 75% of Income Diamond Share, in other words, 286 Income Diamonds = 1
    USD; (PS: 286 = 143 * 1.5 / 75%)
  6. Salary calculated based on Income Diamond. Diamond Balance is useless for host, pls
    exchange it to Coin and consume;
  7. Talent income will be paid at the 15th – 20th day of succeeding month;
  8. Talent MUST follow the Mico Community Rules, talent will not be paid if any of following
  • Talent who violate Scenario 1 in Mico Community Rules;
  • Talent who violate Scenario 2, Scenario 3, Scenario 4, Scenario 5, Scenario 6 in Mico
    Community Rules more than 3 times in one calendar month.

Mico Live Salary Chart Of Special Host Category

Mico Salary Sheet

Example: A talent received 1,500,000 diamond income, base salary = 1,500,000 / 215 * 75% = $5232, Plus
$900 from ST bonus, equals talent total pay of $5232.56 + $900 = $6132

  • Only capable for talents who have good conditions and willing to help other excellent talents
    grow and promote the MICO app by their own experience.
  • New Super-Talent talent from the other platform are highly preferred.
  • Talent must register via MICO Online Registration Form and verified firstly, then agency can submit talents’ ID list to MICO team for arranging interview in live

How To Become A Host On Mico

Get Verified On Mico

how to become a host on mico
  • Download the Mico App from Google Play or App Store.
  • Register with your Facebook account, Apple account, Email or phone number
  • Please record your Mico ID (the numbers). It will be very useful later when managing your account!
  • Show your face and upper body
  • Make sure your face is visible
  • Retouch and adjustments are allowed as long as you think it is the best demonstration of yourself
  • Use your own photos
  • It is okay to be unique, be special, but the best thing is to be YOU!

Mico Talent Registration Form

mico talent registration form
  • Go to the app and fill out the registration form
  • The form is on the Hot page, scroll down a little bit and you can see the scrolling banners banners.
  • Find green color ‘MICO TALENT Registration Form’
  • Click on banner and submit all required details.
  • Please double check your agency ID number as once it’s submitted, you can’t change it anymore.
  • Please submit agency code to become host under agency

How Stream On Mico Live?

After getting verified, you can start your broadcasting journey by clicking these buttons!

  • Step 1: Go to the LIVE page in the app
  • Step 2: Click purple camera button at the top right corner
  • Pick a suitable icon and title for your live.
  • You can enable the Guest Call function to let other broadcasters hop on.
  • You can choose beauty filters if you wish.
  • You can pick among the 3 live modes: regular video mode, game mode, or PK mode.
Mico Live agency

Additional Live Stream Features of Mico App.

  • Single-Guest Call:
    Show your talents together and let more people know both of you!
  • Multi-Guest Call:
    You can have at most 8 other guests to broadcast together with you.
    They can choose to turn on their camera or not.
    As a host, you will be on the top-middle position in the room.
  • Game Live:
    Your audiences can watch your stream and play games at the same time.
    The currency they use is a silver coin.
    Monthly requirement: 5 hours

Mico Live Streaming Community Guidelines

No Nudity: It is strictly prohibited on Mico. Bikinis are allowed, lingeries are not. Dancing is allowed, Twerking is not allowed. Please consult a Mico admin if you are not sure about the content.

No Duplicate Verified Accounts: Mico does not allow duplicate verified accounts under the same identity, and once spotted, the newer account could be subjected to a permanent ban. Please consult a Mico Admin before you decide to make a side account.

No Verified Talents Hunting: If a person has a V badge in front of their username it means that this person is verified under an agency. Please do not try to recruit this person to your own agency. If the person claims that he/she has been released please confirm with us first.

No Drama: We do not tolerate drama of any kind on Mico. For details please refer to Mico 101 located in the app banner section. We all don’t want negative vibes to the app.

No Public Discussion: on Payment Policies Please do not discuss any Mico payment policy or share any documents in live.