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Instagram influencers sponsorship, how do you get paid for your followers or receive free products?

Instagram is the 5th biggest social media platform in the world behind Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger and WeChat with more than 1.2 billion monthly active users.

You might have an Instagram account with several thousand followers, and good for you!

Unlike YouTube, you don’t benefit from ad payouts, so it’s hard to get paid on Instagram. But, if you have a large community of followers that allows you to be promote things directly, you might receive approaches by brands for sponsorship.

But the difficult part for influencers to promote product on instagram is that, it is not possible to put links on your photos or videos (apart from your stories if you have more than 10,000 followers)… It is therefore more difficult to use referrals to sites of advertisers.

But we are here to help you: If you are an Influencer, we’ll give you some tips on how to get paid sponsorship for instagram influencers and best ways to` monetize your audience.

There are 2 main ways to monetize your account:

1. Approach Brands Directly

Influencers can find brands online by making little search on Google, every brand has a specific department for marketing. As an influencer (publisher) you need to find the right person contact to connect with the brand and send them your proposal through mail. If they find your proposal and profile interesting and beneficial for the brand they will defiantly sponsor you.
But, It is not a good option for influencers to approach brands. brands receive hundreds of collaborations requests. Better to work with your network agency and brands will find you.

2. Influencer marketing platforms

You just need to find a good influencer marketing agency, such as LH talent agency, There are dozens of brands connected with influencer marketing agencies. But the important thing is to apply regularly to the campaigns. And when you apply to sponsors offer stick to the briefs and be professional. These type of platforms rate your services and if you are poorly rated, you will no longer be chosen by other brands.

How Influencer Marketing Network help To Get Sponsored?

Platforms dedicated to influencers

Do you have an account with many followers, a high engagement rate and a real editorial line? Good news, you will undoubtedly interest the brands!

Now, there are two ways to do it: let them come to you (put your contact email in your bio) or find them by yourself. But it is often time consuming. The trick is to sign up on Instagram partner platforms like LH talent management.

The principle of this type of platform is to offer free products, trips or to be paid in exchange for Instagram posts. It makes it very easy for you to decide the collaborations you want, and that too without making any commercial approach.

Instagram Influencer Profile

Optimize your description

It is important that brands know that you are an expert (in literature, beauty, sport). for that, put the right hashtags. So platform crawlers will be able to categorize you into the right niche and you will be more visible to get your posts sponsored.

Mention the brands you like

In your posts or comments, mention the brands. You will then also be more visible to the brand itself but also to its competitors.

With LH talent management, you can choose brand sponsorship by yourself, We make it easy to get monetized links to promote, especially on Instagram (story or bio). but, there is a contradiction because “it is not possible to put a sponsored link in Instagram posts”. How to do it in this case?

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How to put links on Instagram?

Sometimes the promotion model is linked to clicking on a link (CPC, CPA or CPL model). In this case, you must use your profile to put the link there and indicate in your post that the link is in the profile. Here is an example.

Put Link In Bio

Mention in your post description cleation that link is placed in profile bio. For eg. “free and direct download link is in my bio”.
An influencer should note that the post is attractive, legit and good to propose their followers and it has everything to hit!

The downside to this technique is that you have to change the link in your bio every time you post a new post with a sponsored link. Actually, it’s not too much of a problem after all.

The swipe up of your Stories

If your community has more than 10,000 followers (this feature is not currently open to everyone), you can easily put links in your Insta Stories. Then just ask your followers to swipe up to access the content.

How to get good sponsored links for Instagram Influencers?

We talked about it LH talent agency send you brand offers on mail once you register with us. Indeed, you will find hundreds of highly paid sponsored links from all different categories, including campaigns to increase downloads of applications and mobile games.

In short, LH talent agency is a perfect platform to find sponsors for Instagram influencers.

We have gathered for you all the types of partnerships possible on Instagram to monetize your audience:

1. The product photo

With Instagram, influencers can promote a product in an inventive way, stage themselves by using it, work on the photo: the frame, the colors, etc.

2. the quick product presentation video

For an even better view of the product or its effectiveness, the influencer can make a video (think IGTV on long video formats… but don’t advertise anyway). Reels (Instagram’s new short video format) can also be adapted for simple partnerships. Right now, Reels are heavily favored by the algorithm, so don’t hesitate to use them.

3. The sponsored contest organized by influencers

This is a third form of partnership that animates the Instagram social network. This benefits followers, who try to win prizes as well as brands also gain visibility and have their product tested by more consumers.

4. Insta Stories

Insta Stories are a new form of post, popular with brands requirement. In a succession of photos or videos limited to 15 seconds, the influencer speaks more naturally to his followers about this collaboration and can fully show a product or its use.
The Instagram feature of Featured Stories allows the influencer to keep the Insta Story of their choice on their profile unto 24 hours.


This video format allows you to record between 15 seconds and 10 minutes for an average user. For verified accounts, it is possible to create 60-minute videos.
Plus, unlike Stories, they don’t go away after 24 hours. This format is ideal for entering details of a product or service to be featured.

6. The Reels

Unlike IGTV, Reels are a mini video format of 30 seconds or less. Creativity is required here since many editing options are available: speed of shots (slowed down / acceleration to give style effects), addition of text or music, or even superimposition of two successive shots to keep the same frame.
As explained, Reels are heavily favored by the algorithm, so go for it!

How to Create Great Community on Instagram as Influencer?

This is not the subject of this blog, but here are some tips to know:
  • Post regularly.
  • Have your own style.
  • Keep an editorial line.
  • Post quality photos.
  • Use hashtags to stand out in search engines.
  • Respond to your followers.
  • Comment on photos of the people you follow.
  • Try to become an expert in a sector (decoration, sport, cooking, fashion, beauty, etc.) by having researched and cutting-edge content.
  • Promote your Instagram account on your various social networks.
  • Optionally, make contest operations (of the type follow @myaccount and repost this image).

With these few tips, you will quickly be able to create a strong community on Instagram to monetize it.

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These tips are easy to implement. They give you time to focus on the most important thing: your community and your content. The rest will follow!

So, as an Instagrammer, you now know how to make money on Instagram. But above all, keep the first principle in mind: do it by providing real service and real tips to your community. And so don’t post just anything, otherwise you will become anyone!