Tango Live: A Social Network and Livestream

Tango Live is more than just a messaging app; it’s a social network where users can engage in video or audio calls, share photos, and livestream videos. Users, particularly livestreamers, have the chance to receive gifts from fans, translating into real cash.

Connect and Earn on Tango: How It Works

Navigate the Tango app effortlessly. By using geolocation, users can connect randomly with others within a four-mile radius. Livestreamers, in particular, can earn real money through received gifts and make a name for themselves.

Opportunities for Streamers on Tango Live

Unlock a world of opportunities on Tango Live, especially for streamers. Whether you’re an independent host or part of an agency, Tango offers diverse options for those seeking self-expression and financial rewards.

Types of Broadcasters on Tango Live App

Tango offers approval to three types of hosts on the platform:

1. Independent hosts
2. Regular hosts through agency
3. Influencer hosts through agency

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Independent Host

  • For being an Individual host you don’t need an agency to start streaming. A broadcaster can simply download, sign up and start streaming on the platform.
  • No time-related commitment is required.
  • No fixed targets to achieve monthly.
  • No additional salary, streamer can only redeem their received diamonds.
  • No streaming schedule is required.
  • Host gets 100% of the earnings through Payoneer once he/she reaches a threshold (25 USD).
  • Daily payments.

tango regular host through agency:

  • A commitment of 40 hrs streaming per month.
  • A commitment of 15 effective days per month.
  • Revenue targets.
  • Following targets.
  • Salary based on performance.
  • Payment once a month based on-target completion.
  • Recruiter and broadcaster agree on commission terms.
tango live salary chart (1)

Influencer host through agency:

  • Commitment of hours per month.
  • Commitment of days per month.
  • Commitment of Instagram posts and stories.
  • Followers’ targets.
  • Salary based on number of followers on SM pages.
  • Agency gets payment on behalf of influencer.
  • Payment once a month based on completion of targets.Agency deducts commission from host.
  • Agency and influencer agree on commission terms.
tango salary chart

Rules & Regulations: Tango Live

  • Tango Live is an online streaming interactive platform operated by TangoMe Inc.
  • Participation of Tango broadcaster program requires registration and acceptance of Tango’s host program T&C’s.
  • Tango has the right to change, update, and terminate the participation guidelines at any point of time by sending a notice to agency
  • Agency will manage hosts schedule.
  • Tango has the right to use any content generated on Tango app for promotional campaigns.
  • Each host needs to be verified and approved by Tango’s partner manager.
  • Every host may have only one Tango ID and may be associated to only one agency. Violation of this will cause an immediate suspension of his account and may be subject to suspension of agency account.

Payment Rules with Tango App

Hosts receive fixed payments on completing weekly targets, posts, and achieving follower milestones. Non-compliance with regulatory requirements falls on the broadcaster, not the agency or TangoMe Inc.

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