Poppo App Earning, Commission & Salary Sheet

How To Earn In Poppo App

Poppo is a live streaming application which has multiple features like; Video Streaming, Video Calling, Audio Calling, Party Room & Text Messages. All of these features let their registered users to make money with some conditions and targets. The application allows you to earn weekly and monthly income along with entertainment. You have to become a registered user to earn in Poppo App

There are 3 types of users on the app:

  • Regular User

    Users who download the app from Play Store, Create an account on the app & start using it without any official registration.

  • Official Hosts

    Registered streamers who join any official agency and become host get additional rewards and bonuses from the application for doing daily and weekly tasks.

  • Agency

    Official recruiters of Poppo App, hire official streamers and agencies to earn commission from the earning of their hosts and sub-agent's host.

Poppo Live Has 3 Types of Virtual Currency in App:

  • Coins

    When users make a recharge (purchase) they get coins, Coins value may be different id depends on your source of purchase. Offline coin recharge may get you 9500 coins for 1 US dollar.

  • Points

    Points are the earning through receiving gifts on Live stream, Party Room, Chat and Video Calls. A coin value gift of 10000 will give the host 7000 points.

  • Pcoins

    Hosts get Pcoins in form of rewards from the platform, these Pcoins can be withdrawn.

  • Withdrawal Price

    Agencies and Hosts both get 1 USD exchange value for 10000 Points.

How To Make Money On Poppo Live As Agency?

Agencies play a very important role in any live streaming application, In Poppo also company recruit agencies who work as a freelancer on a commission basis.
Agencies job is to source and recruit live streamers, sub-agencies and manage them. It is important for agencies to keep their hosts and sub-agents active to make money on Poppo live.

Poppo Agency Earning From Hosts

The primary income of an agency if from hosts, Poppo Agency recruits hosts from their own sources, and agencies are not allowed to recruit hosts already working on the app with other agencies.
Agency gets a commission when their hosts go live and receive gifts from users on Live stream, Live party, call and chat. Agency commission comes between 4 to 20 percent of all host’s total earnings, the commission ratio is determined by the total income generated under your agency in the last 30 days. The more your agency hosts earn your commission rate will increase. Whenever a host receives any gift its commission add immediately to your agency income.
Agency Commission From Host Calculation: Total host earning x Agency commission rate.

Poppo Agency Salary For Inviting Agents

Inviting agents is one of the amazing features of the Poppo App to boost your earnings, inviting an agency is a very easy and instant process which allows you to recruit sub-agents under you and make a big team on Poppo. Agencies are not allowed to recruit agents already working on Poppo as a host or agencies. Poppo offers commission-based earnings from the hosts working under your invited agency. To earn commission your sub-agent commission rate must be lower than your commission rate, even if you both are on the same commission rate their host’s earnings will support you to increase your commission rate, which help in getting more commission earnings from your hosts and other sub-agents.
Agency commission from invited agency calculation: Total earning of hosts working under invited agent x (Agency commission ratio – invited agency commission ratio).

Poppo Agent Reward Income

  • Agent ranking rewards

    Agency ranking is determined by the number of active hosts working under an agency, Active hosts stand for streamers who do a minimum 1-hour stream in a day. Poppo agencies have to collect rewards manually the next day.

  • Top host reward for an agent

    When any host working under an agency is determined as a top host and redeems Live Ranking rewards, their agency will get 10000 points for each top host.

Poppo Live Salary Chart of Agency

poppo agency salary

Poppo App - How To Earn Money as Host?

Hosts are also known as official streamers, their job is to do Live streams, Group Chats, Video calls and Text Messages. Primarily, hosts get paid on the basis of gifts they receive daily and weekly. Hosts get targets and tasks to achieve which help them get extra bonus payments from Poppo App.

Poppo Host Earning Structure

  • Gifts Earning

    Host gets 70% of gifts value received on live stream and party room & 40% of gifts value received on call and chat.

  • Private Call

    Hosts can set their call price between 1400-4200 Points / Minute.

  • Message

    The host will get 7 points per message they receive from users.

Host Daily Task

Every host’s daily tasks are different and depend on their last 7 days’ total live streaming income (does not include party income). As daily income increases, the task rewards can be upgraded immediately. It is recommended to receive task rewards only after levering up.

New hosts get the additional benefit for the first 7 days from their joining date.

Poppo App Salary Of Hosts

Daily Task Rewards are different in all countries. Please checkout in the REWARD option of your Poppo App.

How Does Poppo Live Pay

All Hosts and agencies can withdraw their own earnings by themselves. Every country has a different payment method, money transfer service charges depend on the payment method you choose. Please select the appropriate payment method according to you. We recommend you withdraw your money using E-pay as this is the fastest and lowest service charging payment method.