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HoneyCam Agency - Exciting Opportunities for Video Calling Hosts

Are you interested in becoming a HoneyCam host and boosting your earnings through video calls? At HoneyCam Agency, we offer an array of benefits for hosts, including both free and top-up bonuses. Discover the details of HoneyCam hosting, the registration process, and the attractive salary chart that awaits you.
Unlock fantastic benefits by joining HoneyCam as a host. Enjoy 1v1 video calling with a global audience and earn attractive revenues.

How to Register as a HoneyCam Host

  1. Download HoneyCam App.
  2. Sign Up by creating a profile.
  3. Go to profile.
  4. Click on ‘setting’.
  5. Join in the studio.
  6. Input agency ID. 6052


Fill up the given form OR contact us on WhatsApp +917065384660

Benefits Of Joining Honeycam As A Host

Discover the advantages of being a HoneyCam host:

  • Engage in 1v1 video calling.
  • Attractive revenue: Earn both free and top-up bonuses.
  • Rapid growth: With over 100,000 hosts, the platform attracts 10,000 new users daily.
  • Quick earnings: New hosts can earn over $10 on their first day.

Salary and Payment Process

  • Value of coins: 10,000 coins=$1.
  • Host’s Earning: Hosts can earn bonus by video calls or gifts.Hosts can adjust their price by themselves (2 chances to raise your price every week, no limitation for deducting the price). New users cannot adjust their price within 24 hours.
  • Bonus: Host will get gift rewards according to the Anchor’s weekly Gifts Revenue getting 70000 to 3750000 bonus.
  • Minimum withdraw amount is $10. If users don’t reach the quota, their bonus will be accumulated and cashed out in the next settlement cycle.
  • Withdraw – Host can withdraw on Mon / Wed / Fri. Users must pass the official certification or you can’t withdraw. Send screenshot of withdraw to agent on WhatsApp +917065384660. Host will get paid within 48 hours of withdrawal.
  • Notes: Higher price may cause less calls, please consider carefully.
  • Payment method: Through Agency Epay / Payeer / Bank Transfer.

Rules For Hostesses

Adhere to the following rules to maintain a positive hosting experience:

  • Single account registration.
  • Strictly avoid explicit content.
  • No promotion of third-party apps.
  • Age restriction applies.


Live cover

This cover must be real people (Must be themselves) The surround should be tidy and bright;
It would be better to wear a make-up or use a beautification/filter;

Live duration

Keep their face in the box all the time;
Proper attitude, can’t lie on the bed or focus on another thing;
The surround should be tidy and bright
Wear make-up and dress decently;

Notes: Hosts cannot do live unless their background photo pass(Live cover), once they upload, our system can detect it.

Join The World Of HoneyCam Hosting

Become a HoneyCam host today and unlock a world of opportunities. Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting your prices, receiving bonuses, and connecting with a diverse audience. Join us in creating a positive and rewarding experience for hosts and users alike. Apply now and start your journey with HoneyCam!