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Register as official host on tango live

Tango Live Stream

Tango Live is the leading live streaming platform that allows any content creator & broadcaster to share their talents and monetize their followers and fans.
Go live, engage with fans, and earn real money. Become Official host on tango now.

official host on tango live

Tango Host Registration

To work from home directly from your mobile with Android or iOS phone, we have explained step by step process of how to register as a Streamer on Tango the App and start earning a lot of money online as broadcaster on Tango.

Step 1: Create your Tango account

To create your account in the Tango Live stream App, click on the following button >> Download Tango App <<

Next you must fill in all the information they request for the Tango Live streaming Registration.

  • Once you enter the link, you will click on the “JOIN NOW” option located at the bottom of the Tango page.
  • You confirm the option “JOIN NOW” to fill out the registration form on the page.
  • You can register in Tango by entering your phone number by putting the Country code in front, Example+1 USA, +63 Phillipines, +91 India.
  • You may also have the options to register using the login with Facebook and through Google.

You can choose any of the Tango registration methods and have access to the application to download it directly.

Keep in mind that you must log in to the Tango App with the data you used for the registration process.

Must Inform Us On WhatsApp +918448877709 For Further Agency Support.

Step 2: Configure the Profile in Tango Live.

Once you have created your account in Tango Live app, you can start to configure your Profile, this is a very important step since you upload your profile photo, a small description about yourself, your birthday date and your gender. This App accepts both male and female as a broadcaster.

  • You can access your Profile by clicking on the Button in the upper Left of the App Tango, In PROFILE you can see the Statistics, people who give the most gifts, Live Family (You must have more than 1,000,000,000 diamonds to activate this Tango functionality), Tango Subscriptions, Blocked Users, Diamond and Coin Statistics, Settings.
  • Tango Profile options.
  • Profile settings and configurations in Tango app.

Start broadcasting live in Tango

One of the best things about live broadcasts like Streamer on Tango app, is that there is a large audience waiting to discover and have a pleasant time on your broadcast, it is available 24*7.

Tango live has more than 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store and available in more than 15 different languages.

  • Click on the transmit icon at the bottom.
  • Then you can set a preview photo or change the existing one, you can add a custom title or subject accompanied by some hashtag that express what you want to showcase to live audience. for eg. #dance #welcome, #new.
  • You can enable or disable participation or incoming invitations for Live Party.
  • Live streaming configuration options. In the settings option you can configure which will use your mobile camera, you can also activate beauty filters and configure some softness patterns, image saturation, white balance and others.

You can also configure masks and emoticons in your live broadcast to make them more joyful.

In addition, you can set a minimum amount of gifts for Premium broadcasts aimed at members to pay to join Premium audience.

Starting to broadcast in Tango, The app has never been easier than now, in less than two minutes you can register in Tango and start broadcasting to earn diamonds that you can later convert into money by yourself.

Streamer on Tango Live App

About Tango Live

‘Tango live me’ is a leading social streaming platform and a mobile app for content creators and streamers to share their talents through live video broadcasting and monetize their followers and fans to earn money from home.

Tango live video: Online video broadcasts and chats. Tango video app Powers a new live space for content creation, social connections and monetization, bringing to life a new economy for content creators and Streamers.

Tango live video broadcast is a mobile live streaming platform where broadcasters get the tools they need to manage and grow their streaming business. It is a place to meet new people, showcase talents, and make friends all over the world.

Live video broadcast is an exciting new way to make money online and turn broadcasts into a business.

Monetize your social community by broadcasting live on tango: singing, dancing, playing music and much more. This is an opportunity to start your streamer career and earn money.

Get the tools you need to grow your business and become a full-time streamer on tango app live. Grow your social business and accumulate virtual gifts for real income. Dual broadcast with friends and other broadcasters.

Turn your hobby into a profitable business with Tango Live Online. Meet and interact with new people and friends from all over the world and show your talents and content in a new way.

As a viewer, you can discover a world of talented streamers with Tango free video. Watch and interact with your favorite broadcasters and chat with them. Play and give gifts to show your support and become a VIP.

Generate income working from home on your Mobile and earn money by Tango live video broadcast.

Tango App Live Features

Go Live, Get Followers and Earn Money

  • Show your talents and become famous online with your hobbies & Talent: singing, dancing, cooking, travelling or playing games.
  • Get fans, receive gifts and earn free money.
  • Dual stream with your friends and random people from live tango family.
  • Make your live broadcast as fun as you want, with special filters and cool skins on the app.
  • More viewers = more popularity. Climb up the leaderboard and become number one on tango live

Voice and video chat on the app

  • Public and private chats: share your world with whoever you want.
  • Create personal group videos or chat messages with your fans and special friends (Live Family).
  • Talk and chat with talented people nearby or from around the world.
  • Share your special stories and promote social events on your profile page for everyone to see it all.
  • Take part in live streaming events online: song contests, dance festivals, music competitions.
  • VIP status for the best fans: send gifts to your favorite broadcaster and enjoy exclusive status.
  • Tango Live Me have an active global community of millions of talented broadcasters: artists, dancers, singers, gamers, bloggers, and more.

Watch live broadcasts and chat with tango live nearby audience

  • Enjoy live video broadcasts and chats with nearby audience on tango live.
  • Watch new and popular live broadcasts 24 hours a day.
  • Meet talented people and speak to them directly live on tango.
  • Swipe to see the best moments and live reactions of the streamers on tango free video (Happy Moments).
  • Play interactive games with streamers.
  • Follow your favorite broadcaster and be the first to know when they appear live.
  • Broadcaster can be male or female both.
  • Accept broadcasters from all countries.
  • tango live online available on Android and iOS. You can also stream from your computer’s browser.
  • Virtual currency: Diamonds, equivalent to 200 diamonds = $ 1 USD.
  • Minimum payout on the tango app: 5,000 diamonds, $ 25 USD
  • Payment method: Payoneer. You have to register on Payoneer and connect with tango app live to transfer your earning.
  • Frequency of payments: When completing at least 5,000 diamonds = $ 25 USD. The minimum amount to redeem is $ 25 USD, you can redeem up to $ 2,000 USD per day.
  • How to get diamonds: To gain diamonds you need to received gifts, live broadcasts, get rewards and gain bonuses.

Payment Method In Tango

If you want to earn money with Tango video app, you must create a new Payoneer then you must link it with the Tango App.

Link Payoneer account with Tango app.

  • To link your Payoneer account, go to your Profile and then to the Diamond Option.
  • Then click on “Connect Payoneer account”.
  • As you already created the Payoneer account in the previous step, you simply click on the option that says “YOU ALREADY HAVE A PAYONEER ACCOUNT” and follow the instructions to link it, it will ask you to log in with the Payoneer account details.

Withdraw money in Tango Live.

  • To convert your diamonds in the tango application for real money, you will need at least 5,000 diamonds, which is equivalent to $ 25 USD (See Diamond income table) 5,000 diamonds for your first exchange, you can exchange up to 400,000 diamonds per day.
  • Payments are normally made within 24 hours (note that bank processing can take up to 3 days).
  • Note that Tango live does not charge a withdrawal fee, but Payoneer may. You can get more information about the fees that apply to transfers here.
  • You will be eligible to transfer money once you have at least 5000 diamonds in your Tango balance, which is equal to $ 25 (USD)
  • The minimum amount to redeem is $25 on tango.
  • The maximum amount is $2000 per day on tango live.

Tango app live streaming rules & regulations

Tango has the following guidelines for live broadcasts.
-Broadcaster / user must be at least 18 years of age to download and use the Application.

Tango live dress code

  • The Streamer must be fully clothed while broadcasting. (male streamer require a shirt and pants)
  • Swimsuits are only allowed in pools or nearby outdoor waters.
  • Showering or bathing is prohibited during the live broadcast.
  • Nudity or excessively sexualized content is prohibited on Tango app.

Harassment or intimidation is prohibited on the app.

  • Discriminatory or hateful comments about gender, religion or faith, race or ethnicity, age or disability, physical appearance, or sexual orientation.
  • Altering shared images of another person with the intention of publicly embarrassing or intimidating.
  • Recording user streams with the intention of blackmailing, reposting, selling or distributing on other websites.
  • Sharing personal information of another user without their consent (phone number, email, physical address, important documents, private messages, etc.)
  • Profanity intended to hurt another person. Blackmail or harassment of any kind.

Criminal activities are prohibited on Tango live streams

  • Any display of criminal activity.
  • Physical violence towards other people, animals, businesses, and property vandalism.
  • Self-mutilation.
  • Use or display of drugs, paraphernalia, and other illegal substances and equipment. It includes everything that is considered illegal in your country.
  • Threats of violence towards another person or group.
  • Demonstrations of child abuse, self-mutilation and / or bodily harm, or animal cruelty.
  • Display and / or use of firearms, cold steel weapons and other types of weapons, promoting armed violence.
  • Propaganda of terrorist organizations, extremist groups and sects with radically violent points of view, recruitment and agitation.

Tango does not tolerate the following in profile content

  • Impersonation of any kind, pretending to be someone else with the intention of misleading others or obtaining financial gain, posting a photo or video of another user on a profile without consent, using it as a broadcast preview image, or distributing it on the chat.
  • Post external links (except links to your social media accounts).
  • Put your phone number and any payment information on your page or in your photos.
  • Advertising services and sale of merchandise, sending commercial offers to users in the chat.
  • Offering assistance in the purchase of coins or exchange of diamonds.
  • By using Tango Live, you agree to these rules, guidelines, and the Tango Terms of Use. Exceeding the above limits may result in content deleted, account suspended, or other restrictions by Tango Live administrators.

Tango FAQ

The Tango Live App is available on iOS in all countries except North Korea.

On Android Tango Live is available in all countries except the following: Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, China, Cuba, Georgia, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Macao, Micronesia, Myanmar, Solomon Islands, Sudan and Turks Islands.

Currently Tango Live is available in more than 8 languages, of which English, Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi and Vietnamese are available.