Chamet Agency Detailed Information

How to register Chamet App agency?

If you wish to be a Chamet Agency, make money working from home and earn a good income, you possibly can take Chamet Agency right now by completing following process : 

Chamet Agency Registration website link >>click here<<
Click on this given link or the to complete Chamet Agency registration.

  1. Create Username
  2. Create Password
  3. Select Agency title
  4. Enter your phone number
  5. Click on “Send”
  6. Enter OTP
  7. Click on Bind
chamet agency registration form

Chamet Agency dashboard portal

Chamet offers an agency dashboard administration portal to you, which helps you monitor an see insights your agencyyou’ll be able to :

Dashboard – right here you’re going to get links to add hostesses and agencies to your agency, and an insightful summary of your complete agency.

Members Listing – right here you will see a listing of all of the agents and hostesses registered under your agency.

Day by day Report – here you will see the day by day income report of your hosts and sub-agents.

Settlements – In this you will see the salary settlements of your agency.

Notifications – Right here you will see the official updates from the app.

Chamet agency dashboard tutorial

Login to Chamet Agency Dashboard

That is the place you’ll do a lot of the management work of your chamet agencyIf you wish to login to your Chamet agency admin account access this link ( ) and use your username + Password 

Chamet Agency login

How to get your girls official hosting under your Chamet agency?

There is process to bind your Hostesses to your Chamet agency and work for you:

The First process: A reference link

The First process to bind hosts to your chamet agency is to add them through the “reference link of Hostess“, they should bind their cellphone number and create a Chamet account with the same number. A hostess will automatically become official under your agency.

When your new host clicks your reference link, she has to do these process: :

Invite hosts under chamet agency

Your host should fill this manner to become your host : 

  1. Select Country Code & put her cellphone number
  2. Click on “Send
  3. Enter the OTP
  4. Click on Bind

When she completes this process, ask her to install Chamet App from Google play or play store and register a new account by using the same phone number: 

Chamet Hosts Registration

When your Host complete installing Chamet App, ask your hostess to open the app and Click on More. Then click on Phone.

Ask your host to put in the same phone number she bound within the invitation link.

Your hostess will get a verification code by SMS.

After that she’s can set up her account details on Chamet app: Hostesses – Birthday – profile name – display pic.

chamet hosts registration process

Your hostess will get a verification code by SMS.

After that she’s can set up her account details on Chamet app: Hostesses – Birthday – profile name – display pic.

chamet hosts registration process

The Second process: Bind with chamet id

The second process to bind your hosts in your Chamet agency is by asking your hostess to send you her account ID on Chamet App with the Phone number linked with her account.

Here is the way to complete : 

1 – Ask the hostess to install Chamet App from the Google play /app store.

2 – Ask the hostess to create a new account with Phone Number

3 – Ask her to go to her Profile > My ProfileCopy her Chamet ID and send it to you.

Then you’ll comply with these steps to Bind her to your chamet agency dashboard : 

add hosts in chamet agency

You will require her Chamet ID with her Phone number

After that, Your Host will get a request to Be part of your Agency

Bind hosts in chamet agency

Ask her to go to Profile > My Earning she need to Click on “AGREE”

accept agenct request on chamet

How your hosts will begin work on chamet app ? 

When your hostess become official under your chamet agency and her account is ready to receive callsshe will be able to begin work to earn on Chamet app.

Ensure she use a great profile image, bio and status, all of that should be following Chamet requirements & guidelines

Begin the work : 

On the home page of Chamet app, she’s going to discover the broadcast button

When she clicks on the broadcast button, her selfie camera will turn on automatically and viewers can see her. Now callers will begin calling her.

Incoming calls will automatically connect and she can begin talking to the caller on video.

The more time she spends on the video chat the more she will earn.

She will be able to check her earnings on Profile > My earning

how to start earning on chamet

Chamet Agency payment process:

Chamet agent payment process for agencies will depend on their country. You may see any of following option in your dashboard according to your country: 

  • Bank transfer (Dlocal)
  • Gcash
  • Epay 

Settlement and cost :

Chamet will count and submit amount transfer on every Monday at 5:00 am (UTC+8)

What you earn from Monday to Sunday, is paid the coming Thursday.

This means Chamet send your earning amount each Thursday routinely, so you need to do nothing as an Agent. Furthermore, Chamet virtually deducts The Beans from hostesses’ accounts after making the payment.

Chamet agency bank account link

Chamet Host Payment Plan

1.200 Beans/Minute. (changeable)
(Hostess can change the Chat 
Value as they want)

10000 Beans = $1
100000 Beans = $10
200000 Beans = $20
300000 Beans = $30
400000 Beans = $40
500000 Beans = $50
1000000 Beans = $100

Chamet Agency Payment Plan

Agency payment relies on the overall weekly income (Hosts salaries + Sub-agents income) : 

Advice: Your income will increase rapidly by adding more sub-agents, which is Chamet effective way of earning.

chamet agency salary chart

How to invite SubAgents on Chamet :

By inviting new Sub-agents under your agency you get more weekly commission, which implies an increased fee ratio! 

After creating your personal dashboard on Chamet and turning in a new Chamet official Agent, you may send your personal link to ask different talent recruiters who wish to work with Chamet and get their own agency.

Yow will discover your invitation link to join Sub-Agents right here

How to invite agencies on chamet

Who're Chamet Sub-agents?

Your commission charge as an Agent / Recruiter relies on the full income generated by hosts and sub-agents in your agency.


Your commission ratio shall be decided every week based on the total revenue generated through your agency.

Salary Plan of Chamet Agency

On this app your salary is basically the commission of the full income generated by hosts and sub-agencies under your agency, and the commission ratio will rely on how much benefit the company get through your agency.


and your 
commission ratio is decided every week on the basis of the total income of the agency but the system for salary from hosts is totally different and from sub-agents is totally different.

For example – you’ve got 20 hosts whose income is 1000$ and you’ve got 2 sub-agents whose income is 500$. thereforethe full income of you agency turns into 1500$ ( 1000$ + 500$ ) then you’re eligible for a fee charge of 15%, therefore your salary might be ( 0.15 * 1500 ) = 225 $

might be a tough calculation to understand, but commission through sub-agents are quite different.
For example – suppose you’ve gotten 2 sub-agents, first have a weekly income of 150$ (5% commission) and one other have a weekly income of 500$ (10% commission) and your fee ratio is 15%. now – wage from first sub-agent shall be ( 15% – 5% ) * 150 = 15$ and the salary from second sub-agent shall be ( 15% – 10% ) * 500 = 25$ so salary from sub-agent will be 35$.

Chamet Policies and Guidelines :

Some critical violations would trigger strict punishment comparable to ban the hostess from Chamet app, confiscation of associated agency’s commission.

Requirements of Profile Image :

  • Host should put on make-up or use photograph with beautification.
  • You need to use a photograph of your self.
  • Your photograph must be in high definition and with proper-brightness.
  • Your photograph must be with a tidy background.
  • You need to use a half-length photograph and dress decently.

Guidelines throughout the Live Mode : 

  • Put on clothes and make-up
  • Keep warm and brilliant round
  • Maintain your background neat and nice
  • Use earphones to communicate better
  • Greetings at first
  • Make sure that to show your face in the mid of the phone screen

Guidelines throughout Private Video Calls :

  • No restriction throughout Private video call.

Chamet live app artificial intelligence system helps us to do these inspections and it is rather delicate, so please inform your hostesses to keep away from unqualified behaviours. Furthermore, Chamet AI system can also detect out hostesses who aren’t in a position to earn and cease distributing calls to them, so you shouldn’t recruit hostesses who aren’t good at this occupation to us as a result of they are going to be dismissed anyway.

Frequently asked questions

NO, Chamet have an sub-agent system, you’ll have to work below one other agency, even we work below someoneand you may additionally add, sub-agents to your personal agency. beware of individuals frauding you by saying they are going to add you directly.

Chamet at the moment has over 2600 agents/recruiters and it’s hard for any firm to cope with so many agenciestherefore they launched sub-agent system, they let agents to have sub-agents, now its a standard although that in case you are indirectly under chamet then how are you going to get full-benefit, the reality is each agency is having the identical pay construction and you may see it within the official chamet documentation i’ve connected with this weblog, and as i’ll clarify under, in easy phrases if an agency has greater commission ratio then you definitely, then only they’ll profit from you, if the company and the sub-agency each have similar fee ratio then the company doesn’t get any profit from sub-agency. Now you understand very nicely that the pay plan is similar for everybody, then why register with us?

Greatest help, support and trainingPersonalized promotional creatives, unique host training documentation, assist in organising payment platform.

That’s depending on the whole revenue generated through your agencyhowever you will not be earning a lot till you add at least 15 active hosts.

The salaries are made by direct bank transfereach Thursday the whole salary will come to your bank account.

NO, including women from different agencies to your agency is strictly prohibited and it may end up in banning your agency.

Once you are registered under any agency and you are confused about any plan or process  you have to contact the agency personal above you for any assistance. if you have joined through our link then you can contact us by >>clicking here<<

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