Chamet Agent Registration

Chamet Agent Registration

Unlock Opportunities for Earnings and Team Expansion

Our platform not only empowers hostesses to earn but also enables you to grow your team. Harness the potential of sub-agents by inviting and partnering with other agencies. Follow the steps below to complete your Chamet agent registration.

How To Become a Chamet Agent

Explore our comprehensive management system, designed for effective monitoring of hostesses and sub-agents. Initiate your journey by registering now.

  1. Open the Chamet Agency Registration Link
  2. Create a Username
  3. Create a Password
  4. Select your Agency Title
  5. Enter your Phone Number
  6. Click on “Send”
  7. Enter the OTP
  8. Click on “Bind”


Access the Chamet agent login to efficiently oversee your agency. Log in to your Chamet agency dashboard using your username and password at Chamet Dashboard Link.


Chamet offers an agency dashboard, providing Chamet agents with tools to monitor hostess and sub-agent performance. Within your Chamet agency dashboard, you can:

  • Agent Dashboard: Access links to add hostesses and agencies, along with an insightful summary of your complete agency.
  • Member List: View a listing of all sub-agents and hostesses registered under your Chamet agency.
  • Daily Report: Retrieve the daily income report of your hostesses and sub-agents.
  • Settlement: View the salary settlements of your agency, hostesses, and sub-agents.
  • Notification: Receive official updates from the app.

If You Face Any Issue WhatsApp Us: +917065384660

How To Add Chamet Hosts

  1. Use your “invitation link for Hostesses.”
  2. Bind their cellphone number/email.
  3. Download the Chamet app from the webpage or Play Store.
  4. Log in to their Chamet account with the same registered phone number/email.

Using your reference link, a hostess will become an official host under your agency.


Hostesses with valid earnings can no longer bind agents through manual invitations. Ensure your recruitment results and earnings by using the invitation link or binding hostesses timely. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Chamet Agency Dashboard.
  2. Click on Member List > Hostess List.
  3. Click the blue ‘ADD‘ button.
  4. Enter Host’s Chamet ID and phone number attached to the host ID.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Ask your host to go to Profile > My Earnings, and she needs to Click on “AGREE.


Every host needs to complete the face verification process to start working and withdraw payment on the Chamet App. Guide your host through the following steps:

  1. Let the host click on My Earning option from the profile.
  2. Click Withdraw.
  3. Choose the Face Verification option and follow the process.

How to Add Sub-Agents in Chamet Agency: Boost Your Commission

Increase your weekly commission by inviting new sub-agents under your agency. After creating your personal agency dashboard on Chamet, send your personal referral link to register other talent recruiters who wish to work with Chamet and start their own agency. Find your Invitation link for Agents on the dashboard.

Chamet Agency Commission: Understand Your Earnings

The Chamet agency commission structure is based on the total earnings of your hostesses and sub-agents over the recent 30 days. For new agents with a registration duration of less than 30 days, the daily commission ratio is determined by the total earnings of hostesses and sub-agents from the registration day to yesterday.


Your total daily amount of commission is also made of two parts:

  • Part of Hostesses: Your corresponding commission ratio * total daily cashable of all of your hostesses.
  • Part of Sub-agents: Your daily commission fees from EACH sub-agent: { Your daily commission ratio – your sub-agent’s daily commission ratio } * the sub-agent’s total daily revenue.

You may need to calculate this part more than once depending on how many sub-agents you have. [The commission ratio is floating according to the total earnings of the recent 30 days]


Hostesses earn Beans through video calls and gifts, charging between 1,200 to 6,000 Beans per minute for video calls. They can also receive Beans as gifts, with a conversion rate of 10,000 Beans = 1 USD.

Settlement and Payment

  • Withdraw your earnings daily.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 10 USD.
  • Withdrawn amount instantly goes to your bound Metwallet.
  • Hostesses must pass face verification, bind their phone number or Gmail, and have a valid Metwallet account before withdrawing salaries.
  • Salaries go directly to hostesses, while commission fees are paid directly to agents.
  • In the case of Indian hostesses, salaries are also sent directly to hostesses, but for Bahrain, agents will receive hostesses’ salaries and pay them separately

Chamet Policies and Guidelines

  • Not allowed to bind hostesses already working in Chamet.
  • Not allowed to bring Chamet’s hostesses to other apps.
  • Agencies should not deduct any payment from hostesses; commissions are paid separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO, Chamet operates on a sub-agent system. You need to work under another agency, and you can also add sub-agents to your agency.

Chamet has a sub-agent system due to the large number of agents/recruiters. Registering under a sub-agent provides various benefits, including a consistent pay structure.

Best support, personalized promotional creatives, unique host training documentation, and assistance in setting up the payment platform.


Earnings depend on the total revenue generated through your agency. Significant earnings are achievable with at least 15 active hosts.

NO, adding women from other agencies is strictly prohibited and may result in banning your agency.


Contact your agency personnel for assistance. If you joined through our link, click here to contact us.