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Cream App Host Registration & Policy

Cream App is a 1v1 video chatting application, Recently, Cream become of best choice of girls to earn money through video calling in India. Cream app offer better payout and calls flow than other live video chatting Apps. LH Agency is recruiting female hosts, Young & Beautiful from India. Become Cream App Host with LH Agency to get best support and timely payment.

How To Become Cream Host

  1. Download Cream App
  2. Please Contact us on WhatsApp +918448877709 OR Fill the given form to Get Invitation Code.
  1. Download Cream App.
  2. Install App.
  3. Give All Require permissions.
  4. Choose any option to Sign Up.
  5. Enter Invitation Code given by Agency.
    (Get Invitation Code)

Cream Host Verification

  1. Save your ID & Password after submitting Invitation Code.
  2. Complete Video Certification. 
    (Show your face clearly and try to keep it in the box to complete face verification)
  3. Upload avatar, cover photo, video and other required details.
  4. Submit details to be reviewed by admin.

Cream Host Salary

  • Cream App pay weekly salary.
  • Cut Off every Monday & salary transfer on every Thursday
  • Ways to Transfer: Paypal & Bank Transfer
  • Self withdrawal for Hosts.
  • If girls can’t reach target in a week , her diamond will merge into next week cycle.

Normal Calls: 300 coins / Minute
(no coins for less than 30 sec call)

Rs. 11 / Minute

Match Call (25sec): 30 coins

1000 coins – 36 INR

Tips To Earn More Money

  1. Make sure you look nice and attractive before you start working (Make-up; Turn on Beauty; Bright light; Show full face; In a quiet place etc.)
  2. Hold the phone in one place and don’t jostle the camera, to ensure users get the first glimpse of your beautiful face.
  3. Don’t do anything else when answering calls, your interaction with the user is more interesting!
  4. Keep smiling, smiles make each other closer.
  5. Actively call paid users, work harder than others can have more!

Cream App Rules

  • Teenagers, children and babies are not allowed to appear in any places on Cream.
  • You must not violate Indian law and do not cover religious, political or other sensitive topics.
  • All girls must be over 18 years old.
  • Violence and any form of fraud are prohibited, as are drugs.
  • All public materials must NOT contain pornographic or sexually explicit content.(including: Nick Name, Introduction, Covers, Photos, Public Video, Avatar).