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FuLive 1v1 Video Call Host Registration & Policy

FuLive is a 1v1 video calling application, users can find interesting people globally through live video chat. Find all new real people, make friends, interact and earn money. FU Live is hiring beautiful and young girls for official hosting. 

Free Target Bonus = $75

Gender: Only Female

Country:  India

Coin Value:  1000 coins = $1

Minimum Payout: $20

Payment Mode: Through Agency (UPI)

Pay Day: Thursday


FuLive Host Registration

Step 1: Download & Register on FU Live

  1. Download FU Live from Play Store.
  2. Sign-up using phone option.
  3. Choose right country code enter phone number.
  4. Get SMS code and Enter Code to Login.
  5. Choose Gender (Only Female Hosts Allowed)
  6. Choose Country.
  7. Create Nickname.
  8. Write short self introduction.
  9. Select your Date of birth.
Host Registration On FuLive App

Step 2: Register With Agency

  1. Click on heart button at bottom center of screen.
  2. Find 6 Digit Invitation Code at the Top.
  3. Click on profile button at bottom right corner.
  4. Find Profile ID mentioned under profile name.
  5. Send Invitation Code & ID to us on WhatsApp  +918130917530 OR
  6. Fill the form below:
Become host on FuLive

FuLive Host Salary & Target

Live Streaming Basic income

Every host need to pass audition to get $75 basic payment monthly. (Tell Us To Arrange Audition)

Monthly Time Target = 22 Days & 55 Hours

Revenue Share = 40%

Monthly Basic payment = $75

1 hour can be counted as valid working day. 

Only live streams more than 30 minutes will count as effective time.

Live Stream earning Structure = live streaming pay room + gifts

note: if the host monthly income is less than 10000 diamonds, the base pay will be cancelled next month. 

Live On Cam Hours

Valid Duration = 30+ minutes

Live Day = 60+ minutes

If host hangs up the call and turn on live on cam within 5 minutes will not be considered as stop and time still count.

FuLive Free Income (Silver)

  • Weekly Calculation
  • Income must be more than 10000 coins.
  • Withdrawal in multiple of 10000 coins only. Every extra 10000 coins will count as $1.
    eg. 70000 coins  = $10
  • Free income without withdrawal  will add in next week.

Diamond Share

  • Diamonds Must be more than 10000 to withdraw.
FuLive Salary Chart

Crown Credit Bonus

  • Top 10 hosts in the weekly credit score can earn the rewards.
  • Bonus payment will come along with the salary every week.

How To Withdraw

  • Host should complete the duration of the corresponding level and the paid income diamond requirement to get bonus of the corresponding level.
  • Hosts who only complete the require time and do not complete the paid income diamond requirement, the basic salary will be paid according to the corresponding level of the actual paid income diamond.
  • If host only complete the paid income diamond requirement, but not complete the time requirement of the corresponding gear, The basic salary will be paid according to level A.
  • The basic salary will get paid at the weekly settlement & the basic salary of hosts who do not meet the settlement requirement will automatically merge with the next week cycle.
  • Free Income = Free Call Income + Festive rewards
  • Pay Income = Paid Call Income + GiftsHost minimum withdrawal amount is $20.
  • Payment cut on every Monday and pay on every Thursday.


  • Only Female Hosts Allowed.
  • No Porn
  • Show full face on Screen.
  • No Smoking & Drinking.
  • No children on screen.
  • No Live in Dark.
  • No Black Screen.

If hot break any rule, the bonus will be cancelled until the next week.