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Steps To Become Fulive Host

  1. Download FuLive App & Create Account
  2. Click on the heart button at the bottom center of the screen.
  3. Find 6 Digit Invitation Code at the Top.
  4. Click on the profile button at the bottom right corner.
  5. Find Profile ID mentioned under the profile name.
  6. Send Invitation Code & ID to us on WhatsApp  +918448877709 OR
  7. Fill out the form below:
fulive host registration

Fulive Host Salary & Target

  • Hosts earn the diamonds by Private calls = 100 Diamonds / Minute 
  • Hosts earn the silver coins by Match calls (match call must be 1 minute) = 200 silver coins / match
  • Hosts can also earn the diamonds by receiving gifts, which have different values of the diamonds.

1000 Diamonds = 1 USD

10000 Silver Coins = 1 USD

Basic income

If the host turns on Working Mode and keeps working for more than 1 hour, she can get $1 per hour (Maximum at $3 per day, Maximum at $21 per week) on the following conditions: 

  • The host must rank in the top 70 of diamond ranking.
  • Weekly diamonds + silver earnings must be more than $10

How To Withdraw

  • Hosts will get paid through their agencies weekly.
  • Withdrawal for the HOST: accumulated Diamonds+Silvers reached 10$.
  • The cash-out amount must be the multiple of 10, the remainder will be accumulated and cashed out in the following settlement cycle.
  • Only Female Hosts Allowed.
  • No Porn
  • Show full face on Screen.
  • No Smoking & Drinking.
  • No children on screen.
  • No Live in Dark.
  • No Black Screen.
  • Hosts are not allowed to switch agency.

If hot break any rule, the bonus will be cancelled until the next week.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist