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Join the FuLive Agency

Explore the World as a FuLive Host

FuLive is on the lookout for female hosts worldwide. Become a part of this exciting journey and unleash your potential.

Location: All Countries
Coin Value: 10000 silver coins = $1
Diamond Value: 1000 diamonds = $1
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Mode: Through Agency (Epay / Payeer / Bank Transfer / UPI)
Pay Day: Thursday

Steps to Become a FuLive Host

  1. Download FuLive App & Create Account
  2. Click on the Heart Button Find your 6 Digit Invitation Code at the Top.
  3. Visit Your Profile Click on the profile button at the bottom right corner. Find your Profile ID mentioned under the profile name.

Send Your Invitation Code & ID Share them with us on WhatsApp At: +917065384660 or fill out the form below.

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FuLive Host Earnings & Targets

Maximize Your Earnings as a FuLive Host

Hosts can earn diamonds through Private calls (100 Diamonds/Minute) and silver coins through Match calls (200 silver coins/Match). Additionally, receive diamonds for gifts, each with a unique value.

  • 1000 Diamonds = $1
  • 10000 Silver Coins = $1

Basic Income and Withdrawal Process

Guaranteed Earnings for Dedicated Hosts

Hosts in Working Mode for over an hour can earn $1 per hour (Up to $3 per day, and a maximum of $21 per week). Conditions include ranking in the top 70 of the diamond ranking and weekly earnings exceeding $10.

Withdrawal Process:

  • Hosts get paid through agencies weekly.
  • Withdraw when accumulated Diamonds + Silvers reach $10.
  • Cash-out amounts must be multiples of 10, with the remainder carried over to the next settlement cycle.
FuLive Host Guidelines

Creating a Positive and Engaging Environment

  • Only Female Hosts Allowed.
  • Maintain a professional atmosphere; no explicit content.
  • Display your full face on screen.
  • No Smoking or Drinking on screen.
  • No children visible on screen.
  • Avoid live streaming in the dark or using a black screen.
  • Hosts are committed to their agency; switching is not permitted.

Note: Breaking rules may result in bonus cancellation until the following week.

Join FuLive today and embark on a rewarding journey of connections, fun, and earnings! Download FuLive now and start your hosting adventure.

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