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LivChat Host Registration

  1. Click Host Registration Link 
  2. Fill-up Registration form
  3. Download LivChat apk & Sign-in.
  4. Complete your profile by uploading pictures, videos & details.
live chat agency registration

LivChat Host Salary

LivChat Hosts Can Earn Money Through 3 Type of Calls:

  1. Live Call = 10-160 coins / minute
  2. Private Call = 70-150 coins / minute
  3. Flash Chat = 10-150 coins / minute

Gifting: Get gifts from callers.

Upgrading: Upgrade to next level will give you higher rates and more tasks.

Bonus Tasks: asks will motivate you to work more and harder.

750 Coins = $1

  • Payment must be ≥20 USD (15,000 coins), and must be an integer multiple of 10 USD to withdraw
  • Salary Cycle is Monday to Sunday (GMT).
  • Payment successfully transfer around every Thursday.
  • Your Agent will get your Salary, they will send payment to you. 

Upgrade Your LivChat For Higher Rates

Discover how upgrading can enhance your LivChat journey:

  • Your grade’s upgrade or downgrade is based on the past 14 days’ performance.
  • Factors considered include average time duration of private calls, online hours ranking, call answering rate, user ratings, received gift amounts, profile quality, and adherence to guidelines.

SS = 150 coins / min
S = 100 coins / min
A = 90 coins / min
B = 80 coins / min
C = 70 coins / min
D = 40 coins / min

LivChat Host Guidelines

  • Female above 18 years old
  • Beautiful, graceful and elegant
  • One host can only create one account with only one agent
  • Hosts can’t use fake images on their profile.
  • Good network connection
  • Work experience as a Host or a streamer
  • Hardworking, patient and open minded
  • The better single and no kids
  • No pornography and vulgar content is allowed

Join LivChat Today and Elevate Your Hosting Journey

Become a LivChat Host and embark on a journey of financial empowerment. Register now and connect with a global audience, earning lucratively while following our user-friendly guidelines. Join the LivChat family today!

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