LivChat Host Registration

  1. Get Host Registration Link From Agency & Open
  2. Fill-up Registration form
  3. Download LivChat apk & Sign-in.
  4. Complete your profile by uploading pictures, videos & details.
become livchat host

LivChat Host Salary

LivChat Hosts Can Earn Money Through 3 Type of Calls:

  1. Live Call
  2. Private Call
  3. Flash Call

Gifting: Get gifts from callers.

Upgrading: Upgrade to next level will give you higher rates and more tasks.

Bonus Tasks: asks will motivate you to work more and harder.

750 Coins = $1

  • Payment must be ≥10 USD (7,500 coins), and must be an integer multiple of 10 USD to withdraw
  • Salary Cycle is Monday to Sunday (GMT).
  • Payment successfully transfer around every Thursday.
  • Your Agent will get your Salary, they will send payment to you. 

How To Upgrade For Higher Rates

Your grade’s upgrade or downgrade is totally based on your past 14 days performance. Your performance score reflect by the following factors mentioned priority wise:

  1. Average time duration of private calls.
  2. Online hours ranking.
  3. Call answering rate.
  4. Rating from users.
  5. Received gift amount.
  6. Quality of profile pictures and videos.
  7. Guildelines & rules break.

LivChat Host Guidelines

  • Female above 18 years old
  • Beautiful, graceful and elegant
  • Be capable to communicate with simple English (better if can speak English fluently)
  • Good network connection
  • Work experience as a Host or a streamer
  • Hardworking, patient and open minded
  • The better single and no kids

Privacy Concern

  • Native callers can’t find native hosts,e.g. Australian callers are not able to find any Australian hosts on our APP
  • Video recording behavior on the same cellphone can be detected and forbidden automatically by system

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist