Over the past few years our youth has acquainted them self into some new careers path which gradually became the game changer for many. Live streaming is one of them, there are many questions which must be revolving around a person who has never been in this field. What is live streaming, how can one make a living out of it, is live streaming has a future and many more. This article will comprise of all those points and clarify all the possible doubts one can have regarding live streaming being a good career option. Also agreeing to the point that most of the country don’t have proper knowledge about live streaming and the booming industry but this article is all about it and finding out that live streaming is your dream job or not.

career in live streaming

What Is Live Streaming?

Technology has levelled up their game and nowadays people can share or transmit information from one place to another by live streaming. Livestream has increased in popularity in recent years, with millions of people logging in every day to watch their favourite streamers. As streaming has risen in popularity, many people have turned to it as a source of income.

Live streaming technology authorise to watch, produce, and share content in real time. in simple language everything is happening at real time which is shown through a device.  To live broadcast, all you need is an internet-enabled device, such as a phone or tablet, and a place to live stream from (such as a website or app). These days people are mostly live stream on applications like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch TV (frequently utilised by the gaming community), House Party, and Tik Tok. We can also say that live streaming is authentic as unlike pre recorded videos live streaming cannot be cut, edit or altered.

Is Streaming A Good Career?

There is nothing called bad career until and unless you have the appropriate amount of passion, skills, and patience for it.

Yes, streaming can be said as successful career for an individual if you love interacting with others, entertaining others, and possessing a flexible schedule; being said that until you have built up loyal audience on another platform which will follow you over to your live streaming platform, it will require some practice before you earn enough money to consider streaming as a career. Initially one can start as a hobby and later on can continue as a full-time job. 

 If you already have a following that will follow you to your live streaming platform, or if you are prepared to put in the time and effort to become a full-time streamer, streaming can be a lucrative career option.

 Imagine being able to play video games every day and being compensated for it! Or getting to hang out with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who tune in to watch your feeds on a daily basis. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Saying this statement make me feel enthralled that our coming youth have such fun option for their future but certainly one needs a proper guidance and patience, waiting for the right moment.

There are a lot of advantages as a streamer for instance you can work according to your own will, there will be no kind of pressure comparing to the corporate sector or so to say you have full freedom do express your ideas to your followers but being said that a streamer always has to work hard and come up with creative ideas to make their content fresh as before and also to engage more audience.

Is It Possible To Earn As A Streamer?

There are numerous numbers of people who are earning through this profession. So, there is a big yes screaming out from my mouth, as a streamer you can undoubtedly make a life, but not denying the fact that if you want to make a living as a live streamer, this will require time and work on your behalf. It is not an easy task to accomplish.

As mentioned earlier, for the majority of people, streaming begins as a pastime or a side hustle and eventually evolves into something more. This will also be determined by your objectives. For instance, one streamer can always stream for fun and have different motive comparatively to the one who wants to make a serious career out of it. 


Hence, we can conclude by saying that becoming a streamer can be a challenging task. Some streamers will continue to stream for years with little to no improvement. However, for those who succeed in breaking through and forming a supportive group, it may be a rewarding job. If you enjoy entertaining others and communicating with them, becoming a streamer is well worth your time. Every day, an increasing number of people are turning their passion for streaming into a full-time employment. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be working on something you enjoy. Although streaming can be time consuming, I believe it is worthwhile. Streaming can be a lucrative career. There are tons of potential in streaming and it is booming industry and have a lot o opportunities to offer for our coming generation. 

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