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Mimi live app

MiMi Live Agency Earning

  • Points Value: 10000 Points = 1 USD
  • Coins: Agencies can earn up to 95000 coins for $10 through recharge.

Commission Rate Structure: 
Commission rates are based on the agency’s earnings from the last 30 days. As earnings increase, the commission rate rises. Refer to the image below for illustration.

MiMi Agency Commission Breakdown

MiMi Agency commissions consist of two components:

a. Commission from Host Earnings: Host Earnings x Commission Rate

b. Commission from Invited Agent Earnings: (Your Commission Rate – Invite Agent Commission Rate) x Invited Agent Earnings.

Important Notes

  1. Hosts receive prompt commission credits when they receive gifts during live sessions, parties, calls, and chats.
  2. The host’s income excludes earnings from the platform itself.

MiMi Live Platform Rules

Withdrawal Rules

  1. Conversion Rate: 10,000 Points = $1
  2. Withdrawals: Must be ≥ $10 and in multiples of 10.
  3. Flexible Self-Withdrawal: Funds arrive in 24-48 hours.
  4. Various payment methods available with applicable service fees.

MiMi Live Agent Rules

  1. Recruiting activities within the platform are strictly prohibited.
  2. Promotion for third-party platforms is forbidden.
  3. Agents must maintain strong relationships with hosts and address issues proactively.
  4. Violations may result in a permanent ban or legal action.

MiMi Live Agency Dismissal:

Agencies with fewer than 5 active hosts (minimum live streaming duration of more than 6 hours) may face dismissal. Dismissed agencies can contact the official agency specialist to reapply.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist