Olamet Agency Registration

About Olamet App

Olamet is a popular live video streaming app known for its global presence and cool features. Users can showcase their talents, make friends, and earn money. Olamet App goes beyond regular video calls, connecting people worldwide through random video chats and real-time translation. With top-notch video quality and multiple ways to earn, Olamet is a fun and rewarding live streaming platform. Olamet is self-withdrawal app and minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Olamet Agency Registration

  1. Download the Olamet app.
  2. Sign up using your Google account.
  3. Complete your profile with relevant details.
  4. Verify your profile by submitting the required form.
  5. Wait for agency approval.
  6. Once approved, start recruiting hostesses for Olamet Agency.

Agency Registration (Method:2)

To register your agency, follow these steps:

  1. Open the agency registration link.
  2. Select your country.
  3. Enter the mobile number you will use for login.
  4. Receive the verification code and enter it.
  5. Click “JOIN” or “BIND” to complete the agency registration.

Olamet Agency Commission Structure


The commission for the agency is determined by two things:

Total Weekly Revenue:
This includes all the money earned by your hostesses in a week, along with the total weekly revenue from your sub-agents.

Agent Commission Rate:
The Agent Commission Rate, varies based on the agent’s total weekly revenue. You can find this information on a specific sheet.


Female hosts earn “beans” by doing video calls and receiving gifts. Here’s how it works:

Earning Beans:
Female hosts receive beans from both video calls and gifts. A significant portion, 60%, comes from gifts.

Video Call Prices:
The prices for video calls range from 1,800 beans/minute to 26,000 beans/minute. Hostesses can choose any price they feel the caller can afford.


Agent’s daily commission fees from each sub-agent are calculated like this:

Daily Commission Ratio:
Subtract the sub-agent’s daily commission ratio from the agent’s daily commission ratio. And multiply the resulting commission ratio by the sub-agent’s total daily revenue.

Formula: (agent’s daily commission ratio – your sub-agent’s daily commission ratio) * this sub-agent’s total daily revenue

Agents may need to perform this calculation more than once based on the number of sub-agents they have. The commission ratio changes based on the total earnings of the past 30 days.

Withdrawal & Payment Guidelines:

  • To withdraw money, make sure it’s more than $10. If you earn less than $10 in a week, it will be added to the next week’s payment.
  • Withdrawal amounts must be in multiples of $10. Any remaining amount will be added to the next payment cycle.
  • The payment cycle runs from Monday to Sunday. Payments are processed every Monday at 10 AM (UTC +7).
  • Your earnings will be deposited to your withdrawal account every Monday.
  • Olamet provides various withdrawal options such as Gcash, USDT, Epay, easypaisa, depending on your region.

How to Add Hosts:

  1. Have the host download the Olamet App and sign up.
  2. Ensure the host binds her mobile number in the Olamet profile.
  3. Navigate to the agency dashboard and select the ‘Add Member’ option.
  4. Submit the host’s mobile number and App ID to add them.

Olamet Agent Guidelines:

All agents are expected to follow these rules, as Olamet officials have the authority to dismiss agencies for non-compliance:

  • Agents must not invite hosts who are already part of another agency on Olamet.
  • Agents must refrain from disturbing or harassing hosts through personal messaging or video calls.
  • Agents can provide constructive suggestions to official managers by messaging adminis or using other contact methods.
  • Agents should treat their hosts with respect and are not allowed to block host messages.