Note: Only Points are exchangeable for real money, users can transfer them to their bank account whenever they have a minimum $10 value of coins of Pcoins.

Poppo Coin Recharge

Agencies get an option of ‘coin trading’ in their profile, which allows agents to top-up coins through E-pay or purchase from Agents. The minimum top-up amount must be $100.

poppo coin trading

Buy Poppo Coins

If you are not an agency then you have to purchase buy Poppo coins from agencies or in-app top-up. If you purchase coins from agencies you get them at a better price. The in-app top-up amount is the highest among all coin recharge methods. 

To buy Poppo coins from agencies you have to send them personal payment and they will add coins to your account.

Poppo Coin Sellers

All agencies on Poppo App are allowed to trade coins on the app if you know any agencies just talk to them and bargain for the best price. You can also find the top coin sellers list in your Poppo App, users can message them directly for coins recharge.

Being an Agency you can transfer coins to other accounts by using the coin trading option. You just need to enter the ID you want to transfer coins, and coin value and submit a transfer request.

Poppo coin seller

Points Exchange

Agents on Poppo App can exchange their earning points for coins and also send to other users. Being an agency you can go to the coin trading option and select exchange. The minimum points value should be 100000 points to exchange for 92000 coins. Just select the value you want to convert, enter the captcha and confirm.

become popppo coin seller

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