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Any Country Host Can Join

Embracing diversity, Tandoo welcomes hosts from any country. However, only female hosts are currently required. Payment methods include Epay, Payeer, and bank transfer.

How To Become Tandoo Host

Becoming a Tandoo app host is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Download Tandoo App
  2. Create a female profile (Girls only)
  3. Upload a real profile picture.
  4. Submit the form or send your Tandoo ID to WhatsApp +917065384660
  5. Receive a joining request from the agency
  6. Press “agree to join” upon receiving the official message.
Become Tandoo Host

Tandoo Host Salary

  • As a Tandoo host, enjoy weekly payments every Thursday.
  • Earn 1500 – 6000 beans per minute for calls,
  • 300 beans per minute for matches, and
  • 48 – 144 beans per sentence for chats.
  • Cutoff for payments is every Sunday midnight (0-3 am). The coin rate is 14000 beans = $1.
  • Hosts also receive gifts and bonuses through weekly tasks.
Tandoo Host Salary

Tandoo App Currency

Tandoo app operates on a currency system:

  • Gold Coin: Users acquire gold coins through recharge.
  • Beans: Hosts earn beans through calls and gifts.
  • Silver Coin: Hosts receive silver coins for completing tasks. Minimum withdrawal is $5, with an option to withdraw $1 of silver coin with every $5 withdrawal of beans.

How To Earn On Tandoo

Maximize your earnings on Tandoo by:

  • Uploading 5 photos in your album
  • Posting regular moments
  • Setting an attractive avatar
  • Greeting users on the discover page
  • Participating in every activity on the app.

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