Terms & Conditions

  • Our Procedure

    1. sign-up on our website to get access to our data.
    2. To sign-up you need to become a paid member and purchase our one of the memberships out of three.
    3. Once you sign up successfully. You will get access to our private data page where thousands of hosts data is listed with their name, email, gender, phone no and country.
    4. You can search hosts by keywords any how you want by using search box. for eg. female, Australia. You note down their number / Email address to to connect them directly for official use. We don’t allow users to connect hosts directly through our platform.

    For Hosts --->>>
    1. We get details from hosts such as: nam, number, emai, etc and forward there details to the recruters and companies in our collaboration.
    2. As hosts submit their details for any specific application, any recruiter from belongs to any application may connect to them as data is visible and transferred to multiple recruiters.

  • What We Offer

    1. We provide data of people who are interested into social streaming applications. (one or more applications)
    2. We are sure that listed people have shown their interest with some agency or website.
    3. Listed people maybe hosting on some platform / Looking for opportunity / Hosting but searching for a better platform.
    4. If may not be interested for some applications or many applications.
    5. We don’t guarantee and conversion you make through the hosts listed on platform. We just provide data nothing else. Making hosts handling all the process shall be handled by you.

    1. We offer official streaming which is a process of earning money through enteratining live audience through live streaming. Any mishappening or misleading happens through the hosts activity on application or people they connect through application has nothing to do with LiveHosting.
    2. We are just involved in the process of hosts selection after that we are not responsible for any activity done by hosts or their connections.

    When you are using our website and submit your details through any application or form, It considered that you agree with our terms and conditions.