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Vone App Host Registration

Become Host With Agency ID (method 1)

  1. Download Vone App
  2. Create Vone account
  3. Select My agency option from profile options
  4. Enter agency ID ’263506’ & Submit to join LH agency
Vone Host Registration

Provide Host ID & Code To Agent (method 2)

  1. Download Vone App
  2. Create Vone Account
  3. Go to My Agency option from profile 
  4. Share mentioned Host ID & Host Code with Agency
  5. Approve the agency request you receive in Vone App messages.

You can share your details with LH agency by filling the form below OR through WhatsApp +91 7065384660

Vone Host Earning

Points Value: 10000 points = 1 US dollar

Host Commission: 70% share of gift value

Video call price: 1400-4200 / minute

Voice call price: 1400-4200 / minute

Text message: 7 points / message

Vone Reward Income

  1. Hosts can make upto $300 weekly from hourly rewards
  2. Check your reward & task section for level up & reward information
  3. The more gifts hosts receive the more reward they get for hourly income.

Payment Withdrawal

  1. Minimum payment withdrawal amount is 10 USD / 100000 points
  2. Withdraw payment must be in multiple of $10
  3. Host can withdraw their payment by themselves
  4. Poppo has multiple payment method for transfer Epay, USDT & Bank transfer

How To Go Live On Vone App

  1. Tap on Live button from home page
  2. Verify face authentication
  3. Post a live cover image
  4. Tap Live Now to start

Male users can go live after reaching wealth level 10, wealth level increase by sending gifts to streamers.

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