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Becoming a WHO / Salsa App Host

Ready to embark on this journey? Follow these simple steps:

Refer to the photos for step-by-step guidance.

Account Activation Process

After submitting the form, our team will contact you to confirm your status as an official host. Verify this by checking the ‘My Earnings’ option in your profile.

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WHO / Salsa App Host Salary Structure

  • 650 coins = $1
  • Minimum withdrawal = $30
  • Coins accumulate after spending 15 seconds on each call.
  • Only 250 matches count per day.

Match Bonus Weekly

  • A host needs a minimum of 6500 coins + 840 matches to get $15 Bonus for the first 3 weeks of joining.
  • AFTER 3 WEEKS 840 matches with:
    • 6,500 – 12,999 coins = 5$
    • 13,000 – 19,499 coins = 10$
    • 19,500 and more coins = 15$
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Host Salary Calculation


  • To receive payment, you must have at least 19,500 coins ($30).
  • If you didn’t reach the minimum value, the coins you have will add to the following weeks.
  • If you don’t reach the target before 3 weeks the coins will be deleted.
  • Coins start adding after the first 15 seconds of each call.


  • The first 15 seconds of free random calling are the same as 1 match.
  • To receive the bonus, you must complete a minimum of 840 matches.

Example of WHO App host weekly earning:

1 hour of calling time = 60 minutes x (1 min = 60 coins) = 3600,
6 hours of calling time x 3600(coins per hour) = 21,600 coins.
to calculate earning 21,600 coins Divided by 650 because (650 coins = 1$) Total earning = 33.23$.

Types Of Call On WHO / Salsa App

There are three types of calls. Two of them give you coins: 


  • It’s the first contact you’ll make with another user, it’s the first 15 seconds of a random call.
  • Complete 15 seconds = 1 MATCH, 840 MATCHES in 1 week = $15
  • Maximum of 250 MATCHES per day


  • With this type of call, the user agrees to continue the call after 15 seconds or when a Discover call is received.
  • In this type of call, you’ll earn 60 coins per minute.


  • This is a call with a user with whom you have communicated before. This happens when users call via chat.
  • With this type of call, you’ll earn 120 coins per minute.

What Is Discover Mode

  • WHO / Salsa App section for paying users. It allows them to find currently active hosts.
  • To receive calls hosts an activate ‘discover mode’ option from My earning in profile.
  • In discover, mode hosts can make 60 coins per minute.
  • The more like you get, your ranking will improve in the discover page.

Host Rating System

The better the rating score you get, the better you can earn. After every call user has to rate the host.

Keep your Score over 3.0 to get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited matches
  • 60 coins per minute from matches
  • 120 coins per minute from private calls

If your Score is lower than 3.0:

  • Paid matches limited to 100 per day
  • 30 coins per minute from matches
  • 60 coins per minute from private calls
  • Host profile will not list on discover mode
salsa live stream app host rating system

WHO / Salsa App Host Rules

There is no moderation in private calls (Calls with private label)

There is 24 hours moderation system to detect violations and inappropriate acts on WHO App. if anyone finds violating the rules they will be punished, and if the behaviour continues, will be banned permanently from the app.


  • 1st warning = No penalty
  • 2nd warning = Loss of 2000 coins
  • 3rd warning = Loss of 10000 coins
  • 4th warning = Loss of 10000 coins + Freeze account for 24 hours
  • Account block without any further payment.

What Is Discover Mode

  • Pornography
    Messages, pictures, or any type of pornographic content, nudity, or sexual behaviour are strictly prohibited.
  • Fake Coins
    Gaining coins in a way that is illegal or fraudulent is strictly prohibited.
  • Illegal Content
    Teenagers, children and/or infants are strictly forbidden in all video calls.
  • Multiple Accounts
    Streamers are only allowed to work with one account.
  • Illegal Messages
    Sending out messages that contain improper content that violates our policy is NOT allowed.
  • Illegal Behaviour
    Asking for money from other users via other payment methods is also strictly forbidden.
  • Inappropriate Content
    Streamers must face toward the camera and clearly show their face.
    Any low-quality content – such as the presence of males, failing to show up on the screen, a fake person, or a black screen – is NOT Allowed.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist