Uplive is actively hiring talented and good looking streamers from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Latin America, Australia, Philippines & India. Uplive is an amazing application for broadcasters with many different features also Uplive has the best payment method. Their payment starts from $260 for official hosts. Uplive is hiring both Men and women above the age of 17. 

How to join?

  1. Download & Install UpLive on your phone.
  2. Signup & create your profile (must be a new profile on UpLive).
  3. Find your UpLive Profile ID & UID (refer to the pictures to find ID & UID)
  4. Submit the registration form given below with all required details.
  5. Please provide your WhatsApp contact no. (WhatsApp is mediatory for all hosts).
  6. Hosts profile approval may take up to 24 hours.
  7. Still confused? Contact us on WhatsApp >> Click Here <<

Where to find UID?

How ro become uplive host


Hosts have to meet their monthly target to receive a bonus salary. Payment shall credit your uplive account in form of ucoins.
Cash-out rate of uCoin in US / CA & AU is 1USD = 160 uCoins.

  • Bonus pay requirement is to make min. 30 hours stream with 15 effective days.
  • Bonus diamond requirement is to make min. 40 hours stream with 20 effective days.
  • 1 hour minimum per stream will be counted, less than 1 hour will not be counted.
  • If hosts make a recharge of $1000 or more monthly hours and days requirement reduced to 20 hours and 10 effective days. Similarly, if hosts makes a recharge of $2000 or more their requirement reduces to 10 hours stream with 5 effective days.
uplive salary sheet

Please Look at Salary & Target Chart
Effective day: A min. of 60 continuous minutes stream per day
Audio & private streams do not count in the monthly target.
Hosts must follow and subscribe to all uplive social platforms below and like and tag our posts @uplive.usa in your social posts. Uplive will monitor whether hosts are following our channels and liking our posts and reserve the rights to deduct pays if the host fails to do so.
Hosts who are actively liking, commenting and sharing our posts may get additional diamond 

Hosts have to make a minimum goal per month of 30 hours, 15 days, and 10,000 coins. Making the minimum goal You receive $ 63 cashout, $ 200 bonus dollars and a thousand diamonds (40 hours spent). The cashout that the streamers takes directly from the application to your Payoneer account. The $ 200 bonus is deposited into your account and the diamonds fall directly into your Uplive account. If the host has received 30 hours, 15 days and 30,000 coins, you get a bonus of $ 350 + 2,000 diamonds, Successively according to the table.

uplive host registration

Uplive Rules To Follow:

Hosts much comply with platform user terms and conditions that is published on Uplive app

The following circumstances will be regarded as violations, if hosts get 2 strikes (stream close or warning), they will be automatically downgraded to Regular hosts.

  • Outdoor streaming, streaming while driving, drinking, empty or sleeping broadcast, live broadcast while lying down, or cleaning, cooking, watching TV and other irrelevant activities during live broadcast. Exceptions can be approved if hosts are specialized in certain types of content.
  • Not having a clear headshot as a profile picture
  • Live with bad internet connection and in a noisy environment;
  • Live without interaction with the audiences
  • Live on two apps at the same time
  • Having duplicate accounts, under contract or logging into as another user’s account

UpLive Payment Process:

The payment of hosts is by uCoins. Hosts can withdraw payments via PayPal or Payoneer.  We recommend to use Payoneer to our hosts as their transaction fee is lower than PayPal.



  • We arrange LiveHouse, which is a talent show on UpLive. For our talented streamers, we put them to the test and enroll them in livehouse.
  • We hold event at our agency on hosts requests and get event permission to hold an event.
  • Organize official PK (which is a battle between hosts). We organize pk with other agencies.
  • We have a 24*7 customer service for our streamers. They can contact us anytime on WhatsApp. 

About Uplive Streaming App

UpLive – A Chinese Live Streaming mobile application and pushing its boarders to Morocco, India, Phillipines, USA, Canada & Australia. Uplive has launched their own crypto currency name ‘Gifto’ which leads to easy cross-country transaction and gifting.

Uplive has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. It hold the position of most popular live streaming in USA, Middle East & India. Their next milestone is to gain more users from Canada, UK & Australia.

According to stats Uplive has over 50 million downloads on google play with the star rating of 4. Users are increasing rapidly and Uplift is stretching its borders to new countries.

Live streaming is now a talk of city among youngsters and content creators and Uplive has gained popularity in pandemic. Uplive offered home based job to thousands of content creators & entertainers where user can broadcast themselves using mobile phone and earn real value gifts by viewers. Fans purchase these virtual gifts and send them to their favorite streamer.

Many talented streamers across globe are making more income than a 9 to 5 jobs by showing their talent to live audience such as: Dancing, Singing, Comedy, Cooking, etc. Thousands of users are there just to connect new people to date and flirt therefore attractive men & women are also generating better income by flaunting their looks.

Uplive reserves rights to check host replay videos and apply strikes and deduct salary.