Mimi Live is a gateway to explore the broadcasting industry through video calling and live streaming focusing on Indian audiences. Mimi Live Hosts can generate income by showcasing their talent through 1v1 calling, live streaming, and parties.
Here is detailed information on turning your passion into a profession:

Become MiMi Live Host?

Method 1: Become MiMi Host Using Agent ID

  1. Download the MiMi Live App
  2. Install & Register on the MiMi Live App.
  3. Click on ‘My Agent’ from the Home Page
  4. Enter Agent ID ‘14405856’ to Join The Agency.

Method 2: Confirm Agent Invite To Become MiMi Host

  1. Download the MiMi Live App
  2. Install & Register on the MiMi Live App.
  3. Open the “My Agent” option from Profile.
  4. Share Mimi ID & Host Code with the agent.
  5. Confirm agent invitation received in app messages.

Note: Every host must complete “face authentication” immediately for streaming after joining the agency.


  • A live-streaming platform for showcasing your talent
  • Party Room is a personal group for interactive sessions with like-minded people.
  • PK is a face-off challenge where people can compete with each other and the winner will get the rewards.
  • Mimi Live offers the monetization benefit where users can convert the entertainment into money.
  • Mimi Live allows hosts to connect with strangers on private video chats to boost earnings by charging per-minute video calls.


  • Click the “Auth” icon on the profile page and start the face authentication process by clicking “Go”.
  • Upload your photo, then click “Start to certificate”
  • After the authentication, you will see the confirmation on the screen.
  • Click “Go Live”, then upload a cover photo.


Earn through video calls:

  • Click on “Match Cover”.
  • Upload a Cover Photo
  • Then click the icon to open the function and “Go Live”.


Earning Structure: 

  • Gift Earning: 70% of Gift Received ( Live, Call and Chat);
  • 1v1 Call: 70% of Coins Received
  • Platform Reward: Daily task reward + Rank reward + Event Reward


Live Task Rewards:

Click “Reward” on the profile page then click on the “Live Task” page and check “Level up rules” to know more.

For New Mimi Live Host:

  • Hosts within 7 days of registration can earn 30,000 points for 3hr/daily.
  • Extra hourly task Reward of 15,000 points 3hr/daily.

For Ordinary Mimi Live Host:

  • Earn a maximum of 32,000 points daily.

Random PK Rewards

Win up to $3.6 daily through PK rewards:

  • Overview of PK Rewards. 
  • Click “Reward” on the profile page, and check the “PK Mission” page. Then click “Go” to start the earning process.
  • Click the “PK” icon, and start Random Pk.


General Requirement:

  • The Mimi Live host shall cooperate and be involved in the activities specified by the platform
  • Quality emerging hosts need to meet the target 
  • They will not get a salary if any item fails to meet the standard. 
  • The duration is calculated for 1v1 Call Connection + Live (excluding Party duration). 
  • For 1v1 calls, the host can be online waiting for calls or in the live.

How to apply:

  • Experienced Host’s profile on other platforms 
  • One video recording of the host’s live performance 
  • Host’s self-introduction video 
  • Only for mimi registered hosts

1v1 Calls & Livestream requirements:

  • Qualified match cover, avatar, and nickname
  • Use make-up and keep a good distance from the camera
  • Be in a good state when waiting for calls 
  • Actively interact with the players on the call and live-stream 
  • Do not hang up maliciously

Payment Details:

  • The duration counts from 00:00:00 (UTC+8) on every Monday.
    The signed hosts will receive the basic salary as points every Monday. After the host starts broadcasting, the salary will be paid before 23:59:59 (UTC+8) on Monday for next week.
    Hosts, who do not qualify for all the requirements, won’t receive the salary for the particular week.

Note: If there is any action of fraud or violation of platform regulations, this fixed salary policy will be terminated right away for the host, and the host will be penalized accordingly.


  • Click “Withdraw” on the Withdraw Page.
  • Add a payment method that we offer and bind it
  • After binding the payment, Click on “Withdraw now”

Mimi Payment Withdrawal Rules

  • The conversion rate: 10000 Points = 86 Rupees.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and has to be a multiple of 10. Any remaining amount will be carried out for the next week’s cycle.
  • The service charges will be applied to the withdrawal amount and it varies due to the difference in withdrawal rules and currency rates across different payment methods.


Account Rules:

  • The host must be above 18 years old.
  • Mimi Live recruits females only.
  • The Mimi Live host should have one authorized ID. Use the same ID for live-streaming and money withdrawal.
  • Impersonation of face authentication and offering ID to someone else for opening Live and money withdrawal will be banned permanently.
  • Female IDs registered by male users maliciously will be banned permanently by the system

Cover Photo Rules:

  • The cover photo is mandatory and has to be authentic.
  • The live stream will be cut off if the host does not upload a cover photo.
  • The better the cover photo, the more exposure the hosts will get.
  • Below are examples of not-allowed cover photos.

Live Performance Rules:

  • The Mimi Live host must be over 18 years old.
  • Promotion of third-party platforms is prohibited.
  • The face must be inside the camera frame during the live stream.
  • Maintain a good posture, decent make-up, and comfortable attire for the live streaming.
  • Greet the viewers and engage them in an interactive session.
  • Once a video call is accepted, avoid intentionally using a black screen, disconnecting abruptly, or remaining off-camera.