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Mimi live

Mimi Live Host Registration - Method : 1

  • Download MiMi Live App
  • Install & Register on MiMi Live App. 
  • Host Need To Click on ‘My Agent’ from Profile Options.
  • Enter Agent ID ‘263506’ & Apply To Join The Agency.
mimi live registation

MiMi Live Host Registration - Method : 2

  • Download MiMi Live App
  • Install & Register on MiMi Live App. 
  • Find Your MiMi ID & Host Code (To Find ID & Host Code Click on the ‘My Agent’ Option In your Profile.)
  • Submit the form OR send us your MiMi Live ID & Host Code on Whatsapp +917065384660

MiMi Live Host Salary

Live + Match + Platfrom Reward

MiMi Payment Withdrawal

Point Conversion: The conversion rate is 10,000 points to 1 USD. This means for every 10,000 points you earn, you can exchange them for 1 USD.

Minimum Payment Withdrawal: You can request a payment withdrawal once you’ve accumulated at least 10 USD worth of points. If you have less than 10 USD worth of points, the amount will be carried over to the next payment cycle.

Withdrawal Amounts: When requesting a payment withdrawal, the amount you can withdraw should be in multiples of 10 USD. Any remaining amount that doesn’t meet this requirement will be carried over to the next payment cycle.

Service Charges: The service charge for withdrawals is based on the withdrawal amount and the exchange rate. The exact amount of the service charge is determined by the actual remittance process.

Withdrawal Processing Time: Once you request a payment withdrawal, the withdrawn amount will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

Mimi Live Host Rules

Account Rule

1. Individuals below the legal age are not permitted to register for an ID.
2. Each user is limited to a single verified ID, which grants access to live interactions and money withdrawal.
3. Any attempt to deceive face authentication during the process of opening an account for live interactions and money withdrawal will result in a permanent ban.
4. The system will issue permanent bans to accounts found guilty of sharing their ID with others for the purpose of gaining live interaction access.
5. The system will permanently ban male users who intentionally register female IDs with malicious intent.

cover photo rule

The cover photo will be showcased for Live/Party and Match covers.
1. The cover photo must authentically represent the host herself.
2. If the host fails to upload an appropriate cover photo, the Live-stream or Match will be terminated.
3. The cover photo’s background environment should be well-defined, orderly, and well-lit. Utilizing a half-length photo with enhancements is recommended.
4. A more stunning cover photo and an impressive host performance will result in increased exposure for the host.
5. Employing a high-quality Match cover photo will contribute to obtaining more visibility.

Match call Rules

1. Participants must be of legal age on camera.
2. Ensure proper makeup and attire prior to a Match.
3. Maintain a positive demeanor while awaiting a Match.
4. Continuously stay visible within the camera frame during the Match.
5. Once a video call is accepted, avoid intentionally using a black screen, disconnecting abruptly, or remaining off-camera.
6. Upon video connection, initiate a friendly greeting and engage actively.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist